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Timbal 14'' x 80 cm - aluminium, 16 hooks - Contemporânea

Timbal 14'' x 80 cm - aluminium, 16 hooks - Contemporânea

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14'' x 80cm timbal - compact size for big time sound Just what we needed: the perfect... more

Timbal 14'' x 80 cm - aluminium, 16 hooks - Contemporânea

item number: A343120
hooks: 16
size: 14" x 80 cm
finish: glossy
shell: aluminium
weight (net): 5,1 kg

14'' x 80cm timbal - compact size for big time sound

Just what we needed: the perfect in-between-size between the standard 90cm timbal and the short 70cm timbal for shorter sambistas.
This 80cm timbal is an ideal size if you are looking for a compact timbal without having to cut back on sound quality. The diametre is a standard 14'' - same as the high timbals, only that the body is shorter. The Contemporanea PRO series builds with thick-walled aluminium giving their instruments a full and voluminous sound. 16 hooks and the specially designed timbal head make this timbal super attractive and also allow the the typical extra-high Bahia style pitching without any efforts. Aluminium timbals sound sharper than wooden timbals. If you play many outdoor gigs with your bloco, you'll find the sound of this aluminium timbal easier to recognise as it is more present. If it rains much where you live, no more worries about your instrument as aluminium timbals are really easy to maintain and they don't give much about humidity. Keep in mind that 16 tension hooks mean a lot of hardware, you will notice this in the weight of the instrument, even though this 80cm version already saves you almost 1 kg compared to the 90cm / 16 hook model. If you plan to walk many street parades, you might be better off with a lighter model.

The polished aluminium is definitively an eye-catcher, and the chromed comfort rim protects your hands.

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CONTEMPORÂNEA in Brazil This brand has a long tradition and good reputation in... more




This brand has a long tradition and good reputation in Brazil. Intensive contact to the musicians has always been an important part of their business strategy. They not only sell instruments, but mainly live their music. Every Saturday morning, many musicians meet up in CONTEMPORÂNEA´S music shop in the historic center of São Paulo. In a special back room, musicians of every age play Choro. The pagodeiros meet up in front of the shop for playing their sessions. Many of São Paulo´s smaller and larger Samba schools play CONTEMPORÂNEA instruments.


Also in Europe CONTEMPORÂNEA is a popular brand which you sometimes even find in drum- and percussion shops that don´t have so much to do with Samba.



The instruments of the LIGHT line are made of matt aluminium. Kept in a simple design and not being polished, the LIGHT line can be offered at a lower price and without suffering quality loss in terms of sound or durability. The robust PRO line is made of polished aluminium or wood.

Compared to other brands that also use aluminium for building instruments, CONTEMPORÂNEA instruments made from aluminium stand out by being built of thicker material which provides a massive sound to repinique, caixa and surdo, but therefore also a higher weight.

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