In the first place, the MAX strap system is designed to enable people to play relaxed when they think their instrument is too heavy for them or too instable while wearing it and walking at the same time.

The MAX strap is suitable for the larger Samba instruments like surdo or timbal. The effect of the different components of the strap spreads the instrument´s weight evenly onto several body parts. Like this, delicate places such as the hips are specifically relieved, which leads to more relaxed playing and at the same time it is gentle to your back.

Especially recommended for youngsters who are still growing and to prevent incorrect posture.

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Max Gurtsystem MAX Timbalgurt A531040 MAX timbal strap
Max Gurtsystem

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Max Gurtsystem MAX Gurtsystem Standard A531020 MAX strap system standard
Max Gurtsystem

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Max Gurtsystem MAX shoulder pads - pair A532020 MAX shoulder pads - pair
Max Gurtsystem

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