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MAX strap system - standard - Max Gurtsystem

MAX Gurtsystem - Standard Max Gurtsystem A531010

MAX strap system - standard S - Max Gurtsystem

Max Gurtsystem
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weight (net):
0,4 kg

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Crossed shoulder strap harness system for heavy or larger instruments: effective, comfortable... more

MAX strap system - standard S - Max Gurtsystem

item number: A531010
type: suspenders strap
size: S, M - L, XL, XXL
suitable for: Surdo 2 Beater, Caixa matched grip, Repinique 2 sticks, Timbal
padding: no padding
hooks: clip hook
weight (net): 0,4 kg

Crossed shoulder strap harness system for heavy or larger instruments: effective, comfortable and flexible

The ultimate strap system for all body shapes and sizes, individually adjustable strap system for sambistas from S-XXL, particularly suitable for large or heavy instruments such as surdos and timbals or for players who appreciate an even distribution of the instrument's weight to relieve the strain on the back, shoulders and hips. A high-quality and lightweight strap with a wide range of functions!

  • even weight distribution
  • available in individual sizes
  • more stability especially when moving around
  • flexible adjustability: the harness system can be adjusted to any body shape and size
  • unrestricted chest space when playing (more playing comfort especially for the ladies, and you can still see the band logo on your T-shirt!)
  • made of quality materials

Especially suitable for:
Surdos, timbals but also for snares and repiniques. Besides Samba instruments, you can also use the harness for djembés.

Take your time to adjust the strap:
The strap has to be adjusted when you put it on for the first time and occasionally readjusted. The shoulder straps, the hip belt and the back diamond should fit comfortably when under load and should not be too tight. Once the harness is adjusted, your samba fun is unstoppable.

Finding the right size:
MAX harness sizes are unisex, following the US standard S-XXL.
The basis is the body length for a normal slim figure:

S: 1.50 to 1.60 cm
M-L: 1.60 to 1.75 cm
XL: 1.80 to 1.90 cm
XXL: 1.90 cm or larger

However, the straps must also grow in width, they do not only refer to body length.

S: 1.60 cm but a bit curvier: M-L
M-L: 1.62 cm but very slim: S
M-L: 1.68 cm but slightly big: M-L
M-L: 1.65 cm but quite big: XL
M-L: 1.72 cm but somewhat big: XL
XL: 1.85 cm but rather big: XXL
XXL: 1.90 cm but rather big: XXXL

Note for adult sizes:
The breast circumference of the ladies does not play a role in the choice of size as the MAXGurt shoulder straps run down on both sides along the breast.
A larger belly circumference also does not play a major role in the standard MAXGurt model, as the carabiner straps run along the side of it.

Note for children's sizes:
All straps of the harness can be shortened continuously, i.e. a size S can be made as small as needed. Any excess strap bits can be tucked away or flamed off.

Available downloads:

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Customer reviews for "MAX strap system - standard"

22 Jun 2024
Guter Sitz angenehm zu tragen

Guter Sitz angenehm zu tragen und ideal für große Surdo

28 Jan 2017

Muss noch optimal eingestellt werden, erster Gebrauch positiv

29 Dec 2016

ich möchte nicht kommentieren

21 Dec 2016

Muss sich erst noch im Dauerbetrieb bewähren, macht ordentlichen Eindruck

8 Dec 2016

Macht guten Eindruck, Funktion muss sich im Betrieb beweisen.

8 Jun 2016

Mit diesem Gurt war das Tragen einer Surdo in einem Umzug über drei Stunden sehr angenehm. Keine Rückenschmerzen im Anschluss wie sonst. Sehr zu empfehlen, wenn man seinem Rücken etwas gutes tun möchte

7 Apr 2016

Kwalität und ergonomie gut.

30 Jan 2016

Können gut angepasst werden und halten lange.

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In the first place, the MAX strap system is designed to enable people to play relaxed when... more

"Max Gurtsystem"

In the first place, the MAX strap system is designed to enable people to play relaxed when they think their instrument is too heavy for them or too instable while wearing it and walking at the same time.

The MAX strap is suitable for the larger Samba instruments like surdo or timbal. The effect of the different components of the strap spreads the instrument´s weight evenly onto several body parts. Like this, delicate places such as the hips are specifically relieved, which leads to more relaxed playing and at the same time it is gentle to your back.

Especially recommended for youngsters who are still growing and to prevent incorrect posture.

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