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Gabriel Lopes' must-have book for all samba ritmistas - everything you need to know about instruments, groove, how a Samba bateria is set up and the parts of a Samba de enredo resp. the bateria's role in each one. We dare say - the perfect gift for Rio sambistas!
Bye-bye summer, our autumn deals are now online! Brazilian percussion greatly reduced - Samba drums and accessories, grab your Samba bargain now and get yourself and your drums ready for winter and a new carnival season!

Artisan Shekerés by Biano Pajeú

Handmade in a small workshop in the hinterland of Pernambuco. Biano Pajeú's Autumn 2023 collection of beautiful shekerés coming in soon, light macrame nets, pyrographic designs and funky colours - unique pieces with a great sound.
Gabriel Lopes (Monobloco) has announced another Europe Tour in 2024 with 2 different workshops for Rio Samba bands - register now and learn from a total pro! All levels welcome, lots of input fresh from Rio and he's also launching his new Samba book shortly!
10-12.11.2023 The still very young Samba School in Munich Praias do Isar is already fully involved in Europe's Samba scene. For their 1-year anniversary, they warmly invite the Samba community not only to party with them, but also to join them for percussion and dance workshops.

Are you ready to size up?

Large pandeiros are a common sight in Brazil, adding loads of rhythm to any band. But have you ever wondered why the standard size outside Brazil is the much smaller 10 inch pandeiro? Time to explore the magic of larger pandeiros in 11", 12", 13" and 14"!

BlackTin XL Pandeiros

Trendy & oldschool: XL Pandeiros are experiencing a revival! Dazzling colours and designs, all kinds of unique pieces, utlra-light synthetic pandeiros in XL sizes from 11" to 13"! BlackTin is bringing large-sized pandeiros back to the Samba world!
Your Samba Summer is not over yet! Summer and autumn festivals across Europe! If you missed the Sambanale, the Coburg Samba Festival, the MegaSamba and the Brasil Fest in Brno, you'll have plenty of opportunities to party at some awesome Samba events in the coming weeks!
Leandro Barsotti, Mestre of the G.R.E.S. Estação Primeira de Lanus in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is coming over for a Workshop Tour in Europe. For fans of Rio Style Samba - book now!
8.-17.1.2024 In Bahia, the bay of all saints, everything flows together musically speaking. Join us on an extraordinary workshop trip in a small group where you will gain a deep insight not only into music and rhythms, but also have a first-hand experience of the Brazilian culture.
A musical and cultural journey to the northeast of Brazil for all fans of Afro Beats and Samba Reggae! All interested Brazilian percussionists are invited to join this Bahia Connection event for two or even three weeks in the wonderful pre-carnival buzz.

Brasil Fest Brno 2023

3-6.8.2023 The Latin music festival with loads of Brasil beats, shows and workshops in Brno in the Czech Republic invites you to a 4-day experience: 4 stages on the main festival day, music, dance, good food, shows, workshops, absolute samba summer!

Samba Festival Nijmegen 2023

For the 19th time, the Samba community in Nijmegen invites you to its Samba Festival with a fabulous programme and international guests - a workshop weekend to party & play samba with groups and well-known mestres from Europe. Meet old friends and make new ones, samba non-stop & good vibes!

Samba Festival Hartberg 2023

11-13.8. After last year's great success, the Escola de Samba Baturim from Vienna and the quaint town of Hartberg in Eastern Styria invite you again to a 3-day festival at an extrordinary location offering workshops for Samba Reggae, Samba Batucada & Dance.

Kalango at the Samba Festival Coburg 2023

14.-16.7.2023 Wow - after a really long break we are finally back in Coburg. This year we will have a compact booth and lots of equipment for sambistas and fans of Brazilian percussion. We are really looking forward to seeing you all and do some catching up - see you soon!
25.6.-1.7.2023 With their this year's theme "Climate Emergency and Biodiversity", the Parisians live to the rhythm of culture, colours and community life. Come join the flagship event of the association Couleurs Brazil, located in the heart of the 20th district of Paris.
Brazil percussion instruments are fabulous and robust. However, they are not indestructible. If you treat them with care and respect, they will last for years. The dos and don'ts - a Samba Percussion Pocket Guide.

Choro Camp New England 2023

Join us for Choro Camp New England’s 3rd edition: June 26 – July 2, 2023! If you have fallen in love with the Brazilian musical tradition Choro (or Chorinho) - you have good taste! A unique option for all Choro instrument sections and levels to get together for some seriously good music!


June 10-11, 2023 in Badbergen, Germany - a friendly Samba encontro with great workshops for all levels and Brazilian styles out in the countryside - outdoorsy, camper and van life friendly! A festival not to be missed.
The first Samba festival solidary with and supporting people with intellectual disabilities invites you to their event on May 28th to celebrate a musical get-together in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Workshops, DJs, raffles and a lovely family programm await you!
Dive deep into the diversity of Brasil percussion with Dudu Tucci: from pandeiro to timbal, Candomblé, conga, bateria workshops, pre-carnival trip to Salvador and, as a highlight, a new season of the Raizes do Brasil training project beginning this summer.
Warning - Samba highlight: learn from a samba pro from Rio: Gabriel Lopes (Monobloco) is touring Europe with 2 different workshops - register now! All levels welcome, lots of input fresh from Rio and the launch of his new Samba book!

Carabassamba Festival Mallorca 2023

14.-16.4.2023 Samba Reggae and Rio Samba Encontro - the Carabassamba invites you with a great selection of workshops, shows, concerts and island atmosphere. As always, the hosts have put together an excellent programme with selected guest mestrxs.

All about nylon heads #SambaHacks

How long do nylon heads actually last? What do I do if my head tears? When do I need to replace a head? Get some really interesting and functional answers, facts and samba hacks about nylon drumheads our #sambahacks article - real insider tips for sambistas!
Just in - a small selection of handmade top pandeiros from southern Brazil. Osvaldo continues the ultra-light pandeiro line of Fabiano Raposa under the name of his workshop 'Atelier de Percussão', which he lovingly crafts in his quaint studio in Florianópolis.
Happy Samba Day to all sambistas around the world! Did you know that Brazilian Samba de Roda was included in the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2005? And did you know that the idea of this day goes back to 1963? Read more about the Dia Nacional do Samba...
The xequebalde definitely belongs to the curiosity collection of Samba instruments: a shaker bucket made of metal with loose rivets, which bring in plenty of swing in your Roda de Samba, are great fun to play, not too difficult to learn and are celebrating a comeback in Rio.
Jorginho lives in Rio and runs his own small samba product line. In addition to his work as an instrument maintainer for small and large samba schools he also makes samba equipment for renowned samba brands. We talked to him about his work.
9-13.11.2022: Five days nothing but Samba playing! Grooves and bateria sessions non-stop for groups or individuals. The perfect workshop to brush up your repertoire, develop your skills or learn a second instrument. Intensive workshop on all bateria instruments with Dudu Tucci.
Authentic Afro Samba from Salvador da Bahia with Mestre César Veloso (former Mestre of Malê Debalê), workshop in Berlin on October 1st, 2022, private bookings for groups, blocos and schools are welcome. Register now!

Pandeiro with paper skin - vegan!

A vegan pandeiro completely made of recycled materials in hand-made quality? Yup, you read that right! New in our artisan pandeiro range is Vagner Oliveira's pandeiro made of 100% recycled materials - with paper skin - vegan!

Carabassamba Festival Mallorca 2022

Returning after a long break - the Carabassamba Festival features a terrific selection of Samba de Enredo, Samba Reggae and Samba no Pé workshops, shows, concerts and island feeling. As usual, the islander hosts enchant with their small but excellent programme and selected guest mestres.

Shhhh - Silent Pandeiros

Silent instruments can really help improve your skills and give you the freedom to practise at any time of the day without getting in your neighbours' way, bothering family members or waking up small children. Contemporanea's silent samba practice instruments are a hit.
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