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Caixa sticks MA - American Hickory - Durastick

Caixa sticks MA - American Hickory - Durastick

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0,11 kg

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Packaging unit is pair
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Caixa Sticks MA - American Hickory Get the best beat out of your caixa! American Hickory has... more

Caixa sticks MA - American Hickory - Durastick

item number: A707001
style: Samba Reggae, Rio batucada
suitable for: Caixa matched grip, Caixa traditional grip
material: American hickory
total length: 37 cm
diameter: 15 mm
packing unit: pair
weight (net): 0,11 kg
MPN 200276

Caixa Sticks MA - American Hickory

Get the best beat out of your caixa! American Hickory has been the preferred wood for drum stick production for many years. The MA hickory caixa sticks are 37 cm long and have a diameter of 15 mm. The round tips are especially suitable for the steady playing techniques of Samba percussion. The surface of the tip hitting the head is always the same - no matter in which angle the tip touches the head. Like this also the sound stays nice and steady. Round tips are also a popular stick type for beginners as in the beginning you are focussing on a lot of things at the same time and don't need to worry too much about the playing position. Also, the playing technique with those sticks is quite easy.

Ratings 40
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Customer reviews for "Caixa sticks MA - American Hickory"

1 Mar 2024
Baguette pour la Caixa...tout ok

Baguette pour la Caixa...tout ok

7 Feb 2024

Prima, gute Kwalität

13 Mar 2023
Muito satisfeito com a qualidade

Muito satisfeito com a qualidade das baquetas.

30 Sep 2022
Einfach super!

Die besten Caixa-Sticks! Sehr haltbar.

31 Jan 2022
I bought the sticks asked

I bought the sticks asked by my samba team member and she like it very much.

25 Jan 2022
Gute Sticks für wenig Geld

Die Sticks gehörten zum Komplett-Angebot meiner Caixa. Sicherlich gibt es hochwertigere Sticks zu höheren Preisen als diese, aber für einen Anfänger wie mich, der auch nur gelegentlich trommelt, sind sie gut genug.

14 Jan 2022
Standard Sticks, aber sehr gut

Standard Sticks, aber sehr gut im Handling

13 Nov 2020
good for caixa emcima

Solid caixa sticks, I play emcima and love that the angle I play doesn't matter as the tips are round. I got several of them, for the short stick I just cut one in half.

24 Sep 2020
Des bonnes baguettes, bon poids,

Des bonnes baguettes, bon poids, bonne solidité

26 Mar 2020
Nice sticks considering the price.

Nice sticks considering the price.

11 Oct 2019
Standard Sticks. Ich bin zufrieden,

Standard Sticks. Ich bin zufrieden, erlerne damit das Caixa spielen.

9 Jul 2019
will keep ordering more

Love this STICK for the Caixa

28 May 2019

Fijne stokken, beetje korter dan normale drumstokken maar daarom fijn voor caixa.

16 May 2019

strong hood for caixa players

Answer by Kalango

my hood is your hood!

12 Apr 2019

Nice lightweight Caixa sticks that are made of strong and sturdy hickory wood but are easier for balance than traditional snare drum sticks.

28 Mar 2019

We keep ordering MORE Love these sticks and a bit shorter than American sticks feels great on our Caixa's.

27 Feb 2019

gute Qualität bin sehr Zufrieden

22 Jan 2019

perfekte Länge, stabiles Holz, Caixa em cima und auch zum unten spielen kein Problem. Gehört in jede Caixa Grundausstattung.

22 May 2018

elegí el producto por el precio y por la calidad.

13 Mar 2018

Excellent caixa sticks for playing whilst parading.

11 Mar 2018

Fait le.taff, à voir dans le.temps

27 Dec 2017

On m a recommandé ses baguettes assez maniable pour les enfants

28 Nov 2017

Bei Rimshots empfindlich, brechen schon mal in der Mitte komplett durch.

9 Oct 2017

Good product. Does the job perfectly.

12 Aug 2017

excellent produit, jeu direct, puissant et souple

27 Jul 2017

Gute Sticks, habe ich bestellt, da ich nach kurzen Sticks gesucht habe. Alle anderen fand ich zu lang für mich. Habe sie schon weiter empfohlen. Auch der Hinweis mit den runden Köpfen fand ich hilfreich. Vorher hatte ich längere Sticks auch mit ovalen Köpfen, mit denen kam ich nicht zurecht. Mit diesen hier bin ich sehr zufrieden.

22 May 2017

Liegen ebenfalls gut in der Hand

15 Mar 2017

These are the right length and weight for me

27 Dec 2016

Elles sont très bien un poil longues.

13 Dec 2016

Alles supi, gerne wieder mal

27 Nov 2016

Sauber verarbeitete, handliche Sticks für meine Caixa

22 Nov 2016

Langlebig, liegen gut in der Hand - ein Traum

30 Sep 2016

Bin sehr zufrieden. Der Verschleiß ist normal, aber bei dem günstigen Preis bestelle ich einfach nach.

20 Sep 2016

alles super ,immer wieder gerne

15 Sep 2016

Mooie korte stokken voor goede prijs

2 Jul 2016

Great sticks for caixa. Wish there existed coloured sticks.

18 May 2016

Gutes Material, langlebig, je nach dem was man damit bearbeitet.

17 Jan 2016

Länge passt gut für das Spielen am Gurt, Spielgefühl und Haltbarkeit auch.

27 Nov 2015

bin zufrieden - auch wenn die rimshots spuren hinterlassen .-)

27 Nov 2015

Die Sticks sind sehr haltbar und haben die richtige Länge und Gewicht.

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Under the trademark DURASTICK we produce specially designed sticks, synthetic beaters... more



Under the trademark DURASTICK we produce specially designed sticks, synthetic beaters of all kinds and surdo beaters for sambistas, maracatuzeiros and aficionados of Samba Reggae.

We put particular importance on the suitable sizes and shapes for the respective music style as well as great durability and a good price-performance ratio.

  • DURASTICK offers surdo beaters in many colors, with different degrees of hardness and with aluminium or wooden grips.
  • There are elastic repinique sticks in many different lengths and a wide range sortiment of caixa and repinique sticks from different kinds of wood.
  • Tamborim beaters are our speciality!
  • A big variety of different models makes it easy for every sambista to find the perfect beater for his individual playing style.


Wood types used:

  • On the caixa and the repinique many of the played beats are rimshots. In order to produce sticks for these extreme demands, DURASTICKS are mainly made of American Hickory. This type of wood is extraordinary resistant and does not frazzle a lot.

  • For those who prefer heavier sticks, we offer sticks made of Hornbeam. This wood is also especially hard and has therefore a very defined and light sound when used for playing rimshots. Due to its hard surface,  it wears out quicker.

Sambistas sometimes have very particular preferences refering to their sticks. The DURASTICK assortment Durastick-Sortiment is constantly being developed and extended in order to accomplish all wishes and needs.

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