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About us


Welcome to our world of Brazilian rhythms and instruments! With a shared passion for music and a profound appreciation for the mesmerizing sounds of African and Brazilian percussion instruments, we have been captivated by their beauty and diversity for over 30 years.

In 2002, founders Thomas, Klaus and Janet embarked on a journey to bring their love for Brazilian percussion to life through KALANGO, an online shop specialising in these extraordinary instruments. Our extensive experience gained from traveling throughout Brazil and the African continent has allowed us to turn our dream into a reality. We take pride in not only offering instruments from well-established producers but also in creating space for small, creative workshops that craft authentic instruments, which we often discover during our explorations.

KALANGO is not just a business venture; it is our passion. As fellow musicians, our deep connection to the products we offer ensures that we remain committed to continuously surprising you with new and authentic instruments that embody the rich, innovative, and beautiful music culture of Brazil.

We invite you to join us on a rhythm-filled adventure through the enchanting world of Brazilian percussion and its diverse music styles.


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