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Repinique stick MO - Hickory, conical - Durastick

Repinique stick MO - Hickory, conical - Durastick

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0,06 kg

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Repinique stick MO - American Hickory, conical The ultimate repinique stick made of American... more

Repinique stick MO - Hickory, conical - Durastick

item number: A707013
style: Rio batucada
suitable for: Repinique stick & hand, caixa encima
material: American hickory
shape: conical
total length: 34 cm
diameter: 13 -16 mm
packing unit: piece
weight (net): 0,06 kg
MPN 200286

Repinique stick MO - American Hickory, conical

The ultimate repinique stick made of American Hickory! The diameter is comfortable and the conical shape lies well in the hand. Both ends are rounded off to protect your head. The perfect stick for repinique players and Rio style caixa players!

American Hickory is the most common type of wood for the production of percussion sticks. It is stable, durable and not too heavy.

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Customer reviews for "Repinique stick MO - Hickory, conical"

25 Dec 2023
Bonne prise en main. Baguette

Bonne prise en main. Baguette légère.

6 Nov 2023
Une baguette quoi :)

Une baguette quoi :)

4 Nov 2022
Bonne prise en main assez

Bonne prise en main assez résistante

19 Sep 2022
Pas mal

Pas mal

3 May 2022
bonne baguette


11 Apr 2022
Très satisfait

Très satisfait

7 Feb 2022
bon produit

bon produit

29 May 2018

I think this one is the strongest repinique stick which I always order. I would highly recommend.

15 May 2018

everithing ok everithing ok

13 Mar 2018

more durable than the laminated sticks, nice weight

18 Dec 2017

passt für mich perfekt, will keinen anderen Stick mehr spielen

16 Nov 2017

Gute Qualität und lange haltbar

27 Jun 2017


11 Apr 2017

The repique player needs to be fast, loud, and accurate. Pick any 2. This is a longer and heavier stick that will help with the volume. I prefer the balance of the longer stick. With a decrease in effort you get to focus on your accuracy. Also good for Repique mor (bigger). I'm not sure about the conical shape. I need to use stick wax to hold it. I think I would prefer plain if the length was the same. Its well finished and the end is properly conical. Hickory is more durable than the recycled wood. You get lots of warning before you wear it out and break it.

3 Dec 2016

Mein Lieblingsstick für die rechte Hand bei Repinique und Caixa mit sehr guten Rebound.

22 Nov 2016

Handlicher Schläger für meine Repinique

25 Sep 2016

last year I bought the other One and I broke them easily, let's try these if they are stronger

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Under the trademark DURASTICK we produce specially designed sticks, synthetic beaters... more



Under the trademark DURASTICK we produce specially designed sticks, synthetic beaters of all kinds and surdo beaters for sambistas, maracatuzeiros and aficionados of Samba Reggae.

We put particular importance on the suitable sizes and shapes for the respective music style as well as great durability and a good price-performance ratio.

  • DURASTICK offers surdo beaters in many colors, with different degrees of hardness and with aluminium or wooden grips.
  • There are elastic repinique sticks in many different lengths and a wide range sortiment of caixa and repinique sticks from different kinds of wood.
  • Tamborim beaters are our speciality!
  • A big variety of different models makes it easy for every sambista to find the perfect beater for his individual playing style.


Wood types used:

  • On the caixa and the repinique many of the played beats are rimshots. In order to produce sticks for these extreme demands, DURASTICKS are mainly made of American Hickory. This type of wood is extraordinary resistant and does not frazzle a lot.

  • For those who prefer heavier sticks, we offer sticks made of Hornbeam. This wood is also especially hard and has therefore a very defined and light sound when used for playing rimshots. Due to its hard surface,  it wears out quicker.

Sambistas sometimes have very particular preferences refering to their sticks. The DURASTICK assortment Durastick-Sortiment is constantly being developed and extended in order to accomplish all wishes and needs.

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