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MAX timbal strap - Max Gurtsystem

MAX Timbalgurt Max Gurtsystem A531040

MAX timbal strap S - Max Gurtsystem

Max Gurtsystem
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0,4 kg

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MAX-Strap harness system - special timbal strap The Timba Special strap is equipped with... more

MAX timbal strap S - Max Gurtsystem

item number: A531040
type: suspenders strap
size: S, M - L, XL, XXL
suitable for: Timbal
padding: no padding
hooks: clip hook
weight (net): 0,4 kg

MAX-Strap harness system - special timbal strap

The Timba Special strap is equipped with smaller carabiners and rings (without extension strap and buckle). If having space around your chest is particularly important to you or you need to mind special body measurements, please use the standard modell MAX strap system Standard.

This strap system is especially designed for carrying timbals; you can quickly attach and detach your timbal and still carry it safely, also during longer parades!

1st Version - 1 attachment point:
The strap is attached to only 1 tension hook. Pick any hook on your timbal, open it, pull it out a bit and thread the ring over it before putting the hook back where it was and tightening it up again. Now clip both carabiners to the ring and adjust the timbal to the playing height you like. The straps will now run straight down from your shoulders instead of sideways along the upper body. When you are moving, you can simply direct your timbal with your knees.

2nd version - 2 attachment points:
If you feel that your timbal is more comfortable or stable wearing it attached to two hooks instead of one and you prefer having more space around your chest area, simply attach the carabiners to 2 adjacent tension hooks.

Note for special sizes:

  • With 1 attachment point, the straps will run down over the chest. For ladies with a larger breast, we therefore recommend either to use 2 attachment points or to switch to the MaxGurt Standard harness instead.
  • If you have a large belly, please note: The timbal should then hang higher so that you can play comfortably and the hip belt is long enough.

All straps can be shortened continuously. This means that e.g. if you are a size M and have excess strap length that bothers you, you can either tuck the ends away or cut them off and flame them.

Available downloads:

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Customer reviews for "MAX timbal strap"

10 Jan 2016

Diesen Gurt habe ich für meine Tochter bestellt, da sie den meinigen (Gr. M) anprobiert und für sehr gut befunden hatte. So ist es auch mit dem Gurt in Gr. S. Passt super Klasse Befestigungsmöglichkeit der Timba an 2 Punkten. Sehr zu empfehlen.

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In the first place, the MAX strap system is designed to enable people to play relaxed when... more

"Max Gurtsystem"

In the first place, the MAX strap system is designed to enable people to play relaxed when they think their instrument is too heavy for them or too instable while wearing it and walking at the same time.

The MAX strap is suitable for the larger Samba instruments like surdo or timbal. The effect of the different components of the strap spreads the instrument´s weight evenly onto several body parts. Like this, delicate places such as the hips are specifically relieved, which leads to more relaxed playing and at the same time it is gentle to your back.

Especially recommended for youngsters who are still growing and to prevent incorrect posture.

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