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Caixa bag 14'' x 17 cm - KALANGO

Caixa bag 14'' x 17 cm - KALANGO

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0,6 kg

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Gigbag for caixas, snare drums and caixas de Maracatu Specifically designed for... more

Caixa bag 14'' x 17 cm - KALANGO

item number: TAK1417
instrument: Caixa & Snare
size: 14"
weight (net): 0,6 kg
gtin13 4251471601074

Gigbag for caixas, snare drums and caixas de Maracatu

Specifically designed for transport protection, against wheather conditions and for safe storage. The bag is rugged but lightweight and provides fast and convenient protection from the elements and as shock protection.

- Caixa / snare bag for 14'' x 17 cm caixas and for 13'' and 14'' caixas de Maracatu
- gig bag with plenty of padding, water repellent strong nylon material
- detachable shoulder strap
- sturdy metal hooks, eyelets and zippers
- plastic nobs on the bottom of the bag protect against grime and moisture
- good fitting


High quality, well padded bag, suitable for all caixa brands in this size sold on our website.


How to pack your caixa quick and easy without damaging your bag:
The bags are designed with enough space and good fit, if you try and stuff or push your caixa into your bag, the tension rods will very probably tear the material. Here is how to get it right - put your caixa down with the ends of the rods facing downwards. Then gently pull the bag over the top of the instrument, like this nothing gets stuck and the padding remains unharmed.

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Customer reviews for "Caixa bag 14'' x 17 cm"

16 Sep 2023
Die Tasche ist ok

Die Tasche ist ok

25 Jan 2022
Tolle Tasche

Die Tasche habe ich im Angebotspaket zusammen mit meiner Caixa erworben. Die Caixa lässt sich gut und einfach darin verstauen. Im Deckel ist ein Reißverschlussfach, in dem man die Sticks, den Gurt und auch noch ein paar andere Dinge verstauen kann. Durch den Griff und den verstellbaren Gurt hat man verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Tasche zu tragen und da sie trotz des robusten Materials im Leerzustand relativ leicht ist, kann man sie sich problemlos beim Trommeln umhängen und damit rumlaufen und bemerkt sie fast nicht.

17 May 2018

Qualität macht sehr guten Eindruck

19 Nov 2017

Solide Qualitätstasche - wie alle Taschen der Marke Kalango

29 May 2017

Tasche passt perfekt für Caixa de Maracatu 14 Zoll

25 Dec 2016

Wie Immer eine gute Qualität.

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Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and... more


Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and custom-made products, which we develop and produce either ourselves or which are made by different manufacturers according to our ideas and conceptions. These include our custom heads with band logo print, a wide range of bags, straps, surdo stands and a selection of hand welded agogôs with 2 or 4 bells and different designs.

For more than 30 years we have been musicians ourselves and incorporate into our products all the experience, ideas and quality expectations we have gained over the years by playing, being in contact with active musicians from authentic scenes or simply by using ideas we pick up during our travels.

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