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Shoulder strap Tradicional LUXO - Macapart

Shoulder strap Tradicional LUXO schwarz - Macapart

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LUXO shoulder strap with 1 open hook - breathable padding   The LUXO has been developed... more

Shoulder strap Tradicional LUXO schwarz - Macapart

item number: A125120
type: shoulder strap
color: schwarz, weiss, rot, reggae, brasil, mangueira
suitable for: Alfaia, Surdo Beater & Hand, Caixa traditional grip, Repinique stick & hand
padding: breathable padding
hooks: 1 open
weight (net): 0,25 kg

LUXO shoulder strap with 1 open hook - breathable padding


The LUXO has been developed especially for instruments which are played in inclined position slightly lateral to your body, e.g. the Rio style caixa played in low position, the repinique or the surdo. The strap is sewn together above the hook in an angle allowing the instrument to stay in a stable position without drifting to the middle of your body. No more fiddling around to keep your instrument in the right position! With the LUXO your instrument hangs stable and you can go ahead playing without distraction!
You will find it really comfortable to play techniques like the traditional grip on the caixa or the Rio style repinique using this strap. Also Maracatuzeiros will like this strap as it brings your alfaia in the perfect inclined playing position which the technique to play them requires. Rio sambistas will also appreciate, especially during parades or long rehearsals. The strap does not work for match grip techniques. Its fit is super-comfy with thick breathable padding. You can adjust the length by deplacing the thorn in an eyelet.

Macapart straps are made by a percussionist in Rio who has very high demands on functionality, quality and design. The open hook system is ideal for fast instrument changings and the most commonly used system in Brazil.

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Customer reviews for "Shoulder strap Tradicional LUXO"

22 Mar 2024
almost perfect

Great quality. However, a better buckle would be welcome, whith more sturdy reinforced holes.
this especially when using heavier instruments like acrylic repiniques.

1 Mar 2024
Sangle confortable !

Sangle confortable !

9 Jun 2022
Great deal and good quality

Great deal and good quality

26 Mar 2017

Très belle sangle, très confortable, ce nouveau modèle va faire des adeptes

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Zeca MACAPART played percussion with Monobloco and repinique in various Samba schools... more



Zeca MACAPART played percussion with Monobloco and repinique in various Samba schools for many years. He couldn´t find any high quality straps for carrying the instruments in any of the music shops, so he decided to make his own. Shoulder straps, hip straps, special edition straps:

Since then, creative and stylish solutions for carrying your percussion instrument are made in Rio!

macapart-2Logical and nice design, high quality material and perfect manufacturing displays the MACAPART straps made in Rio de Janeiro. All straps are tested in Rio´s sambascene, and only the ones that pass the test concerning aesthetics, comfort and durability, actually go into production.

MACAPART also stands for top-class caixas and repiniques.

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