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Tamborim Head 6'' - super nylon - Contemporânea

Tamborim Fell 6" - super nylon Contemporânea A348006

Tamborim Head 6'' - super nylon - Contemporânea

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0,06 kg

available from 1 September 2024

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Fibreglass coated 6'' Supernylon Tamborim head by Contemporânea Fibreglass coated, thick... more

Tamborim Head 6'' - super nylon - Contemporânea

item number: A348006
head by instrument: Tamborim
size: 6"
Type: nylon single-ply, super nylon
weight (net): 0,06 kg

Fibreglass coated 6'' Supernylon Tamborim head by Contemporânea

Fibreglass coated, thick tamborim head filters out unwanted overtones.
 Supernylon heads are made of a foil 32% times thicker than standard heads and have a special fibreglass coating on the underside producing a specific sound characteristic: reduced overtones, amplified mids, powerful sound. Super nylon heads are also particularly durable. Super nylon heads are always meant to be superior heads (batter heads), as they vibrate less due to their thick foil and their coating and they are therefore not suitable as resonance heads.
Poor overtones, rich mids, durable, strong drum head.

Give your head some time to settle! You will notice that there is a lot of strange sounds going on when you put on a new head. At first, a new drum head might sound a bit squeaky, until it gets used to the tension and the rim, it will stretch and eventually settle nicely onto the rim and into the hardware. In short - give it some time! A new head needs a few rehearsals until it sounds really good. A super nylon head is suitable for you if you like rich, strong and overtone-poor sound and you are looking for an especially durable head.

Note about spare parts:

We recommend that you always purchase spare parts of the same brand as your instrument to ensure fit and function. We cannot assume any warranty for different-brand combinations. If you are looking for a spare part that you cannot find on our site, please contact us!

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Customer reviews for "Head 6'' - super nylon"

21 May 2017

Mit diesen Fell habe ich mein bei Kalango erworbenes O Profissional Tamborim Holz (ursprünglich mit Naturfell) umgerüstet. Das Tamborim hat 5 Doppelhaken (also insgesamt 10 Haken. Das Fell ist sehr sauber verarbeitet und lässt sich dank der vielen Haken leicht sehr hoch stimmen. Das Fell ist auf der Unterseite beschichtet wirkt damit dicker als die P3 Felle von Izzo, die ich sonst verwende. Das Fell hat einen sehr sauberen klaren trockenen Klang mit wenig Obertönen, der mir sehr gut gefällt. - Das Design ist ganz anders als auf dem Foto und viel werbewirksamer ;-) Der Fell Aufdruck Contemporanea in großen roten Kreis füllt das ganze Fell. Als ursprünglich stolzer Besitzer einer O Profissional Trommel bin ich so Werbeträger für Contemporaniea geworden ;-)

22 Mar 2017

Werde gleich mal anspielen. Die Verarbeitung wie gewohnt gut.

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CONTEMPORÂNEA in Brazil This brand has a long tradition and good reputation in... more




This brand has a long tradition and good reputation in Brazil. Intensive contact to the musicians has always been an important part of their business strategy. They not only sell instruments, but mainly live their music. Every Saturday morning, many musicians meet up in CONTEMPORÂNEA´S music shop in the historic center of São Paulo. In a special back room, musicians of every age play Choro. The pagodeiros meet up in front of the shop for playing their sessions. Many of São Paulo´s smaller and larger Samba schools play CONTEMPORÂNEA instruments.


Also in Europe CONTEMPORÂNEA is a popular brand which you sometimes even find in drum- and percussion shops that don´t have so much to do with Samba.



The instruments of the LIGHT line are made of matt aluminium. Kept in a simple design and not being polished, the LIGHT line can be offered at a lower price and without suffering quality loss in terms of sound or durability. The robust PRO line is made of polished aluminium or wood.

Compared to other brands that also use aluminium for building instruments, CONTEMPORÂNEA instruments made from aluminium stand out by being built of thicker material which provides a massive sound to repinique, caixa and surdo, but therefore also a higher weight.

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