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Tamborim beater CONTROL 3 pins - KALANGO

Tamborim beater CONTROL 3 pins KALANGO A526018

Tamborim beater CONTROL 3 pins - KALANGO

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0,05 kg

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Carioca Style: Tamborim beater with 3 pins in the lengths 33cm, 36cm and 39cm Fully in line... more

Tamborim beater CONTROL 3 pins - KALANGO

item number: A526018
pins: 3
shape of pins: conical
handle elasticity: low
flexibility: medium
handle material: elastomer
total length: 33 cm, 36 cm, 39 cm
weight (net): 0,05 kg
gtin13 4251471600169

Carioca Style: Tamborim beater with 3 pins in the lengths 33cm, 36cm and 39cm

Fully in line with the ongoing trend from Rio! The tamborim beaters with 3 pins are suitable for the 2-1, the 3-1 and other playing techniques, depending on the length. The CONTROL series has a stiff handle and high-flex rods, which gives the beater and the playing technique overall stability. The handle is not too thin and reinforced underneith the non-slip elastomer without creating unnecessary weight. The rods are made of flexible plastic with Mocidade style conical tips and a rubber ring that can be pushed forward for more rigidity and protects the rods during transport. In developing these beaters, we have used our many years of experience and discussions with top sambistas to ensure functionality for all levels and styles. This beater has the perfect balance, top feel, good grip and is a great companion for levels of players.

Stiff handles are can make a big difference especially for tamborim beginners, because you can focus on learning a clean technique and the resistance provides stability which is particularly important in the beginning.
The resistance also benefits the pros, as it saves strength when you play at high speeds and let's you fully enjoy your technique on a high level.

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Customer reviews for "Tamborim beater CONTROL 3 pins"

15 Oct 2021
Super stiff and noisy

This baqueta is just terrible. It is super stiff and noisy . It sadly remains unused.
And so the search for a decent baqueta continues.
Why is it so difficult to get a decent one?

Answer by Kalango

Dear customer, thank you for your comment on this article. The stiff handle of the CONTROL baqueta is its main feature! It encourages to learn a good playing technique for people who are new on the tamborim and is our preferred model for beginners, recommended and developed by reknown tamborim players in Rio. If you prefer a more flexible beater, please have a look at our FLEXI line and the Japa or Jorginho beaters where you will find that the handle as well as the rods are a lot softer than the Control beater. Happy to help if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and... more


Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and custom-made products, which we develop and produce either ourselves or which are made by different manufacturers according to our ideas and conceptions. These include our custom heads with band logo print, a wide range of bags, straps, surdo stands and a selection of hand welded agogôs with 2 or 4 bells and different designs.

For more than 30 years we have been musicians ourselves and incorporate into our products all the experience, ideas and quality expectations we have gained over the years by playing, being in contact with active musicians from authentic scenes or simply by using ideas we pick up during our travels.

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