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DOWNLOAD Samba Groove Batucada Vol. 5 - SambaGroove

Samba Groove Batucada Vol. 5 SambaGroove A810005

DOWNLOAD Samba Groove Batucada Vol. 5 - SambaGroove

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Samba Groove Batucada Vol. 5 - intermediate This piece is suitable for intermediate players... more

DOWNLOAD Samba Groove Batucada Vol. 5 - SambaGroove

Samba Groove Batucada Vol. 5 - intermediate

This piece is suitable for intermediate players but also for beginners with some previous experience. The piece is designed for the instruments of the Samba schools in Rio, on which a batucada (Samba without harmony accompaniment) is performed on a simple technical basis. The tamborins do not play a turning technique, but the tempo is already quite respectable. If you and your group would like to take a peek into the world of the famous Rio Samba, you'll find this edition suitable.
The Samba Groove packages are aimed at anyone looking for inspiration and new ideas to teach or learn Samba grooves. Teachers, who set up a samba group at school, music school or university can start a new repertoire or just collect ideas and versatile input. The download material is ideal for kids groups age 10+, for samba bands who want to broaden their repertory, who are looking for inspiration or for musicians who are looking for an introduction to Brazil percussion and bateria music.

The download is a ZIP file with sheet music and tabs for the instruments:
Surdo, caixa, tamborim, agogo, rocar / shaker / cholcalho, repinique, atabaque / timbal / pandeiro etc. Complete arrangements with intro, main groove, break 1, 2 & 3 and outro.

The download contains:
- Track 1: complete song with all instruments together
- from track 2: voices of each instruments, each instrument has its own track
- PDF file with notes and tabs of the individual voices

With this material the song can be practiced on each instrument individually or in a group. All songs were recorded by Carsten Mohring in a professional recording studio.

Download information:
Before ordering download articles, please register a customer account or log in to your existing account. After receipt of payment the download is available in your account area as .zip. For download articles we offer credit card payment or Paypal as payment methods.

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