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Ritmos Que Integran 2024 - inclusive samba festival

Ritmos Que Integran 2024 - rhythms that unite

On 1 June, the festival ‘Ritmos que Integran’ (inclusive rhythms) will take place in the city of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. This is the first solidarity samba percussion festival that supports people with intellectual disabilities.

Everyone is welcome - samba is for everyone.

The festival is organised by the association TUPUJUME (Tu Puedes, Juntos Mejor - You can do it - together we are better) with its project La Tribu Tupujume and aims to break social stereotypes and take an important step towards normalisation and better inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. More than 300 percussionists are expected to attend the Afro-Brasil workshops, which will be organised by several local mestres.

The first European Samba Festival solidary with Intellectual Disabilities

Ritmos que Integran - how it all began:
It all started with one of the association's internal workshops. Someone started teaching percussion with a few borrowed instruments, worked out a few basic rhythms and taught a group of students. Given the success of this workshop and the great interest shown by the kids, more and more of them wanted to join in to learn more about batucadas, Brazilian beats and how to play the different instruments. Shortly afterwards, a first real set of instruments was purchased, and La Tribu Tupujume was born in May 2021. The festival is still quite new to the European samba scene. Due to the great success in the first editions, the festival continues to attract a lot of attention with its unique concept.

The musical character and the integration of people, especially children and young people with intellectual disabilities, are of course at the centre of the event. Inclusion and breaking down prejudices are an important part of de-dogmatisation and the musical aspect in particular helps to connect people and address the issues that people with special needs face in everyday life in a relaxed and non-political way.

Kalango is particularly proud to support this event as an official partner!

When: 1 June 2024
Where: Parque de O'Donnel, Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Insta: @tributupujume
Contact: la.tribu.tupujume@gmail.com