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Bahia Connection Brazil Trip - Samba Reggae in Salvador da Bahia 2024

Brazil trip to Salvador da Bahia 2024

Brazil trip hosted by the Bahia Connection from 13.1.- 27.1. or 03.02.2024 (2 or 3 weeks). Detailed information can be found below. If you are interested, please contact us quickly ( number of participants is limited), and we will provide you with information about the status of the planning and the programme.

Samba drumming in authentic environment, beach, holiday, culture, music...

The trip will take place during the exciting pre-carnival period. All the groups will be preparing for the carnival with rehearsals, concerts and festivities. For those interested in Brazil percussion, this is the best time to travel. The main trip consists of 2 weeks in Bahia. A 3rd week is optional. The 3rd week depends on your interests. More beach time, trips to the mountains. Rio de Janeiro is not included in the programme at the moment due to the tense safety situation. However, this may still change.

Immerse yourself in the pre-carnival period

The number of participants is limited. Bahia Connection workshops are planned during 6 days in Salvador da Bahia. If you are in Salvador on your own at that time, you are welcome to participate in the workshops after prior registration.

Percussion Workshops with Mestres from Salvador

This is a trip that allows you to get an in-dept experience of Afro-Brazilian music culture. Being close to cultural life also means that sometimes the power is cut, the bus doesn't run on time or something else doesn't work the way you are used to at home. Salvador is full of creativity and joie de vivre. Participants expecting a package tour will not find relaxation here. But if you are open-minded and culturally sensitive, you will gain insights that others can only dream of. Based on his long experience, Volker Conrath will prepare everything as well as possible so that all participants will have as pleasant a time as possible.

Volker Conrath is not a travel agent, but he will take care of the planning, make reservations in Brazil and organise the programme. His hosting will start when you arrive in Brazil. Flights etc. have to be booked by yourself.

Curious and interested?

Get in touch:

Volker Conrath
0049 - (0)179 - 2322736

More info here (page is in German, use deepl.com or Google translate for translation or write to Volker directly):

Bahia Connection Facebook page:

Enjoy a few travel impressions on these videos from Salvador da Bahia, Chapada Diamantina (mountains) and Imbassai (beach):