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Lightweight surdos for Samba Reggae - Axé Light Izzo

The Axé Light line from Izzo - light, compact, top sound experience and unbeatable value for money

Dear Samba Percussion Fans,

We at Kalango are excited to introduce you to a new line of surdos: the Axé Light line from Izzo. This range was developed at our suggestion especially for our customers and sets new standards in terms of weight and playing comfort.

Lightweight surdos with great value for money

With a shell height of only 40 cm, the Axé Light line is a whole 5 cm shorter than the Bahia Light line, saving material and hence weight, making the surdo even lighter and more compact. Perfect for sambistas who like the authentic short, dry Bahia style sound or who really pay attention to every gram of weight. But that's not all - it's compact design also makes the Axé Light line ideal for performing choreographies and dance elements with your bloco, including daredevil overhead playing.

Balanced sound for powerful Bahia beats

Another highlight of this range is the head configuration, which you may already be familiar with from other Izzo surdos. The popular "thick superior head - thin resonance head" combination is available only from us! Apart from the normal playing-in time, you don't really need to do anything else: unpack, tune and play.

Short shell design and exclusive drumhead combination

The sound is well-balanced and clear, and as soon as the synthetic heads have settled after the first tuning, you can enjoy the full flavour of big beats. Of course, you can also experiment with other head combinations such as korino skins (artificial nappa leather) or inverted korino heads, or develop the sound further with muffling techniques, whatever suits you and your group best.

Izzo Surdos are suitable for both beginners and experienced sambistas. With very good value for money, they are almost unrivalled and are also popular with schools and young sambistas due to their light weight.

The best thing about the Axé Light line? Great playing experience straight out of the box! No extra expenses, no lengthy fine-tuning or adjustments required - simply get started and enjoy your music.

Your Kalango Team.