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As Bossas do Mestre Maurão - KALANGO

As Bossas do Mestre Maurão KALANGO A871453
As Bossas do Mestre Maurão
Preview: As Bossas do Mestre Maurão Video Video Video Video Video Video Preview: As Bossas do Mestre Maurão

As Bossas do Mestre Maurão - KALANGO

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As Bossas do Mestre Maurão - selected Bossas (Paradinhas) for Samba Schools - a must for... more

As Bossas do Mestre Maurão - KALANGO

item number: A871453
available as: book
content: Samba Batucada / Enredo
for instruments: bateria instruments
weight (net): 0,3 kg

As Bossas do Mestre Maurão - selected Bossas (Paradinhas) for Samba Schools
- a must for every Bateria

Play like the samba schools in Rio! Who doesn't dream of playing authentic breaks and sounding as if you are just entering the Pasarela. This collection of Samba beats is the first music book to focus on the transcription of the bossas (or paradinhas) - bateria breaks tuned to the current enredo. Bossas is a Portuguese word for the breaks that the baterias of the Samba schools play during the carnival in the Sambodrom in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Book with 148 pages
  • 7 bossas
  • 1 Esquenta (67 bars)

Each bossa is performed with a complete score for all instruments and the individual scores for each instrument. At the beginning of each part there is an indication of which part of the text contains the bossas, and in each bossa there is the name of the samba for which it was written.

For 10 years Mestre Maurão Mestre de Bateria (First Musical Director of the Bateria) was in the following samba schools: Unidos do Viradouro, Academicos da Rocinha and Cubango. From 2011 to 2018, Mestre Maurão did not lose a single point for eight years for the schools in which he was Mestre de Bateria (which means that he received at least three highest grades, nota 10, from the four judges). And in 6 of these years he received the highest score of all judges. A great achievement due to his teaching methods and his ability to make each section of the instrument sound harmonious. Maurão also plays an important role in the creation and development of a new break style. They are larger and more complex, with the participation of all sections.

YT Videos:

Viradouro 2018:

Viradouro 2018 II:

Viradouro 2018 III:

Viradouro 2017:

Cubango 2016:

Cubango 2016 II:

Cubango 2015:

Esquenta Rocinha:

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