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Violão Premium Fosco - eléctrico - Rozini

Violão Premium Fosco - eléctrico - Rozini

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1,9 kg

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Brazilian 7-string guitar with active pick-up system and soft bag   Active Fishman pick-up... more

Violão Premium Fosco - eléctrico - Rozini

item number: A316124
finish: gloss
material: solid / lam. wood
pick-up: active
neck: cedar
fretboard / bridge: Purple Heart
rib / back: Laurel-black (lam.)
soundboard / top: abeto - swedish spruce (solid)
frets: chrome nickel
tuning pegs: classical gold, Pino Grosso gold-plated
strings: nylon (EJ44 D Addario)
total length: 1030 mm
scale length: 650 mm
nut width: 58 mm
max. width of rib: 100 mm
barre de réglage (thruss rod): yes
weight (net): 1,9 kg

Brazilian 7-string guitar with active pick-up system and soft bag

Active Fishman pick-up system.
Concert guitar with integrated sound control and tuning device.
Soundboard massive Swedish spruce, rib and back are made of laminated mahogany. The tuning pegs are kept vintage style in dark gold optics. The guitar comes with a soft bag.

Rozini is a renowned Brazilian company founded more than 15 years ago by several very experienced guitar builders. Today, Rozini is one of the leading luthiers of Braszil.

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Customer reviews for "Violão Premium Fosco - eléctrico"

8 Aug 2021
Nice woods, terrible setup and craftsmanship

Nice woods, but terrible setup, had to leave it to a guitar repairer to have the frets polished. Also the trusrod doesn't work, the inside of the guitar is very poorly finished, lots of sticks sticking out. The guitar smells like glue. It sound ok for the price, not a lot of bass, but tight bass. The treble is a bit weak. The eq system is fine. I would not buy this again. Kalango was kind to give me some % off, so the company is fine!

Answer by Kalango

dear customer, thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear you had such problems with your violão and glad you were able to fix it with your local luthier. We have also passed this issue on to Rozini. We hope everything is now fixed and you can enjoy the guitar. Give us a shout if there's anything else.

15 Jul 2017

Très bon rapport qualité/prix
Pas beaucoup de choix pour les guitares 7 cordes sur le site

8 Feb 2017

Très bonne électro acoustique, essayée sur sono et sur 2 amplis (Roland JC 77 en basse impédance et Markbass sur mes réglages de contrebasse). Dans tous les cas elle "sort" vraiment bien. J'ai tout de suite changé les cordes pour des Hannabach Medium (un jeu + un Si grave, le tout trouvé sur cordes.fr site à recommander aussi). Et là, en acoustique, c'est impressionnant. Je suis vraiment satisfait

1 Sep 2016

Schöner Klang, voluminöser Bass. Jede Menge (kosmetischer) Macken, Dings und Dongs. Dafür voll authentisch brasilianisch ;-)

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In Brazil, people not only play drums and percussion: The most common instrument is... more



In Brazil, people not only play drums and percussion:
The most common instrument is probably the acoustic guitar. No matter if traditional 6-string guitar or like preferred in Samba and Choro with 7 strings, ROZINI has the righ instruments.

ROZINI also offers bandolins or the viola caipira, a 10-string instrument which is very popular in Brazil, and of course a large variety of Cavaquinhos. The little allrounder is suitable for (almost) every music style: you can play it in any Samba session in a small round, the Samba de mesa, when accompaning a big Samba school, or as a virtuoso solo instrument playing Choro. The cavaquinho is a small instrument with endless possibilities.


ROZINI was born as a result of an association of various luthiers and is nowadays one of the largest and renowned producers of stringed instruments of Brazil. The instruments are handmade in serie-production in São Paulo.

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