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Pandeiro bag 10'' - KALANGO

Pandeiro bag 10'' - KALANGO

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weight (net):
0,35 kg

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25,00 *

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Pandeiro bag with plenty of padding for perfect protection of 10'' pandeiros Specifically... more

Pandeiro bag 10'' - KALANGO

item number: TAK105
shopware6_sales_channel: kalango.com,pandeiro.com
instrument: Pandeiro
size: 10"
weight (net): 0,35 kg
gtin13 4251471601111

Pandeiro bag with plenty of padding for perfect protection of 10'' pandeiros

Specifically designed for transport protection, against wheather conditions and for safe storage. The bag is rugged but lightweight and provides fast and convenient protection from the elements and as shock protection.

- additional padding in the inside for maximum protection of the jingles!
- detachable shoulder strap
- sturdy metal hooks, rings and zippers

High quality, well padded bag, suitable for all brands and 10'' pandeiros sold on our website.

Ratings 33
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Customer reviews for "Pandeiro bag 10''"

30 Apr 2024
Tres bonne housse , protège

Tres bonne housse , protège bien notre instrument

17 Mar 2024
Die Tasche schützt sehr gut,

Die Tasche schützt sehr gut, wertiges Material, hält bestimmt lange.

29 Oct 2023
geniale Pandeirotasche

die Schellenauflage innen ist super, man muss nicht immer Angst haben, dass aus Versehen mal was kaputt geht.

25 Sep 2023
Best pandeiro bag

Comfortable, stuffed, beautiful, i loved the long strap! Very recommended

19 Sep 2023
happy pandeiro bag owner

I'm very happy with the 10' Pandeiro bag purchase. It has wonderful jingle protection that I have seen seen on any other bag.

17 Feb 2023
Pas mal

Pas mal

30 Jan 2023
Gute Qualität, alles Bestens

Gute Qualität, alles Bestens

6 Jan 2023
Primo Pand Bag

Excellent soft case for the pandeiro. Straps, zippers, pocket, fabric and padding are all of the highest quality and manufacture. The extra padding around the circumference protects the fancy jingles. Recommend...

7 Feb 2022
This bag protects my pandeiro

This bag protects my pandeiro very well.

13 Jan 2022
super Teil mit Schellenschutz

gut designte Tasche für meine handgemachten Pandeiros, die extra Polsterung für die Schellen hab ich sonst nirgends gefunden!

23 Dec 2021
Precies goed.

Precies goed.

24 Jun 2021
Bien protégé


24 Jun 2021
It is fits for my

It is fits for my need

23 Jun 2021
Schöne, leichte Tasche, perfekt geeignet

Schöne, leichte Tasche, perfekt geeignet für die Aufbewahrung zu Hause und zum Transport des Instrumentes.

22 Aug 2020
Good quality.

Good quality.

7 Feb 2020
Ideal for my pandeiro.

Ideal for my pandeiro.

26 Dec 2019
Sacoche de bonne protection !!!

Housse très bien rembourrée et légère

13 Oct 2019
Great quality

Great quality bag

5 Jul 2019
I like the cushions in the bag

I like the cushions in the bag that really protects the pandeiro.

7 Mar 2019

All good, the bag is in good quality and met my expectation :-)

29 Nov 2018

It is a nice bag. The pandeiro fits well and will provide protection for the head as well as the jingles.

23 Sep 2018

Es perfecta porque es acolchada y así protege mejor el pandeiro.

7 Jan 2018

Lo compre para proteger el pandero comprado. Es muy bueno para eso: acolchado en el interior para preservarlo de golpes y con un práctico bolsillo en el frente. Parece también bastante resistente.

31 Dec 2017

Superb, very good protection, I travel nice pandeiros with confidence

22 Nov 2017

Housse solide et bien rembourrée , parfaite pour protéger le pandeiro

28 Sep 2017

Tasche ist wirklich hochwertig und ein guter Schutz für das Pandeiro.

4 Jul 2017

Housse achetée pour protéger mon pandeiro. Elle à l'air de bonne qualité, il faudra voir les zips à l'usage.

3 Feb 2017

Material,Verarbeitung und Schutz einwandfrei.

5 Jan 2017

Bellissima custodia per il mio pandeiro

13 Dec 2016

Gute Qualität und wenn man mit seinem Pandeiro unterwegs ist ein Guter Schutz für sein Instrument. Gute Verarbeitung, gute Polsterung. Extra Fach für Spannschlüssel und CD z.B.

11 Nov 2016

Sehr gut verarbeitete Tasche - Ohne Trommel auch als wunderschöne Handtasche verwendbar ;-)

19 Oct 2016

Does exactly what its supposed to

3 Sep 2015

Passt einwandfrei, top verarbeitet und schön gepolstert. Ideal für hochwertige Pandeiros

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Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and custom-made products, which we develop and produce either ourselves or which are made by different manufacturers according to our ideas and conceptions. These include our custom heads with band logo print, a wide range of bags, straps, surdo stands and a selection of hand welded agogôs with 2 or 4 bells and different designs.

For more than 30 years we have been musicians ourselves and incorporate into our products all the experience, ideas and quality expectations we have gained over the years by playing, being in contact with active musicians from authentic scenes or simply by using ideas we pick up during our travels.

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