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b-stock pandeiros

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The pandeiro has its origin in arabic regions. The small frame drum has become a very popular symbol of Brazilian drumming culture throughout all of Brazil. The small drum has been beautifully assimilated to all the local music styles: played with synthetic head and loud jingles as part of Coco and Samba de Roda, with thick goatskin head and muted brass jingles in the Choro. In addition, a great variety of playing techniques and modern sound concepts have been developed on the pandeiro for Choro, Samba, Frevo, Cavalo Marino, Capoeira etc.

What does B-stock mean?

B-Stock articles are products that have been used, for example, as display items, that have been demonstrated at an occasion and therefore show slight signs of use, or that have marks or slight defects due to the transport from Brazil to Europe, as well as return shipments. The defects are always minor, i.e. they have no influence on the playability, general function or the sound of the instruments. Slight defects are e.g. scratches or fingerprints, small dents, discolorations or slight traces of use. There might not be original packaging for B-stock articles, in this case we will provide adecuate and sufficient transport protection. With the purchase of any B-stock item you have the full right for warranty as well as the right to cancel and return.

Please find further information about B-stock articles in our FAQ.

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