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Gongue large - Barravento

Gongue groß Barravento A504201

Gongue large - Barravento

Item number
weight (net):
3,42 kg

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256,00 *

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Traditional Maracatu bell  - large gongue Robust, hand-welded and approx. 2mm strong... more

Gongue large - Barravento

item number: A504201
length bell: 29 cm
total length: 83 cm
weight (net): 3,42 kg

Traditional Maracatu bell  - large gongue

Robust, hand-welded and approx. 2mm strong steel sheet is welded together to a bell. The gongue bell is made of 2 parts. The edges are neatly forged one above the other and then rivetted. The handle is demountable. The original Maracatu bells from Barravento have a strong and penetrant sound. The gongue appears in a rustical look, sound-technically they have the authentic, rough sound of iron which fits great to the archaic thunder of the alfaias.
Due to being hand-welded, all Maracatu bells are unique pieces! Smaller differences amongst the instruments are quite probable. You may find that the thickness of the steel sheet varies slightly, which is why each bell has its own tone character.
Barravento is a long-established and well-known manufacturer of traditional Maracatu instruments with his workshop in the North-east of Brazil.
With a Barravento gongue you can be sure to have an authentic piece of Brazil in your hands!

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Customer reviews for "Gongue large"

21 Jun 2017

erwartete große angekommen und freuen sich alle

22 Jul 2016

Schwerer als sonst, aber das ist sie wert. Klingt super.

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THE brand for authentic, hand made Maracatu instruments from Pernambuco! Barravento is... more



THE brand for authentic, hand made Maracatu instruments from Pernambuco!

Barravento is the leading producer of hand-made Maracatu instruments in Brazil. Their instruments are played in traditional Maracatu groups as well as in modern formations such as Nação Zumbi or in the bands of famous MPB celebrities.

In his workshop, Maureliano Ribeiro builds small series of very special instruments in traditional craftsmanship together with his team and with lots of attention to detail:
Alfaias, caixas, gongues, agogôs, shekerés, ilus and mineiros, all of which have excellent sound quality.


This art is of course also based on Maurelianos experience as a musician and his profound knowledge about the Afro-Brazilian culture of Pernambuco. Maureliano, the head of Barravento, is a musician himself. He used to be active in the Mangue Beat movement, he has been a capoeirista for many years as well as a drummer and director of various Maracatu groups. He also practices the pernambucan stick combat-dance, which is very similar to Capoeira.

Furthermore, Maureliano Ribeiro is a tireless researcher of Pernambucos extremely rich folk culture. In small plantings, Maureliano grows different trees and bottle gourds so that in the future he will be able to provide a part of his raw materials sustainably by himself. Barravento supports a programme which helps former drug addicts with their social rehabilitation.

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