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Agogo 4 bells, extra large - KALANGO

Agogo 4 bells, extra large KALANGO A525316
Preview: Agogo 4 bells, extra large Video Video

Agogo 4 bells, extra large - KALANGO

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weight (net):
1,6 kg

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in stock

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Agogo 4 bells, extra large - KALANGO

item number: A525316
bells: 4
material: steel plate
finish: rustical
weight (net): 1,6 kg

Artisan-made 4-bell agogo XL by Kalango

A real beauty!
Produced in Europe, each one a unique piece, hand welded, rustical look and the typical Brazilian clear but slightly 'dirty' sound.
As a consequence of re-arising demand of nicely tuned but still original sounding bells, we have decided to take over this on ourselves. Together with our producer we developed our own series of agogo bells. Our top priority was to find a reliable tuning but to preserve the popular rustical 'hand-made' look and be able to offer unique instruments. The sound should be well tuned but not too clean. This series of bells stands out especially due to its artisanal production, each one is welded by hand and tuned, all tunings are similar but still each one is an absolutey unique bell.
Each bell (also the smallest!) has a clear and strong sound!
The bells are made of solid steel sheet, tuned to pretty intervals.
The handle is long enough to hold the agogo comfortably and stable in the hand without making it too heavy.
Different creative lines and patterns are easy to play and sound especially pretty when several people play together. Slight dissonance of tones are encouraged and make the sound authentic.

Our hand-welded Agogos are painted metallic blue on the inside.
Rustic finish - strong sound!

Size bells:

21 x 13,5cm

19 x 12 cm

17 x 10,5 cm
14,5 x 9,5 cm

Total length: 45 cm

Width: 38 cm

Length handle: 20 cm

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Customer reviews for "Agogo 4 bells, extra large"

12 Mar 2017

Alta qualità artigianale e suono molto interessante. se si sta cercando strumenti di qualità non fabbricati in serie, magari in Cina, ecco questo è quello che fa per voi. caldamente consigliato

24 Sep 2016

I ordered these for my husband. He loves them

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Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and custom-made products, which we develop and produce either ourselves or which are made by different manufacturers according to our ideas and conceptions. These include our custom heads with band logo print, a wide range of bags, straps, surdo stands and a selection of hand welded agogôs with 2 or 4 bells and different designs.

For more than 30 years we have been musicians ourselves and incorporate into our products all the experience, ideas and quality expectations we have gained over the years by playing, being in contact with active musicians from authentic scenes or simply by using ideas we pick up during our travels.

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