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Bell beater - Durastick

Bell beater Durastick A707014

Bell beater - Durastick

Item number
weight (net):
0,08 kg

Delivery: 2-5 business days (EU mainland)

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Delivery: 2-5 business days (EU mainland)

Packaging unit is piece
Stick for bells, cuadruple agogos and gongues   Finally a well shaped, handy and easy... more

Bell beater - Durastick

item number: A707014
style: Allrounder
suitable for: gongué, bells
material: American hickory
total length: 31 cm
diameter: 17 mm / 21 mm
packing unit: piece
weight (net): 0,08 kg

Stick for bells, cuadruple agogos and gongues


Finally a well shaped, handy and easy to use beater - anatomical, well balanced, strong design which produces great sound! Each bell has its own 'sweet spot', that means a small area on the bell where you'll get the best sound. With the right beater it is not only more fun to play but you will also get the best sound from your instrument.


We have developed this stick especially for Samba bells, cuadruple agogo and gonguês. Well shaped slightly conical handle with grooves for better grip makes it comfortable in your hand. Hickory wood is durable and rustical and is mostly used for high-quality drum sticks.
We are especially thrilled by the beater's balance. We tested the stick at several occasions and compared it to other sticks in different shapes made of other materials and with other thickness. Due to its distribution of weight, the beater works especially well on cuadruple agogos where you can kind of just let the beater run along the bells to play your melodies.

: With a thicker and well weighted beater like this you need less playing movement. Too much momentum can damage your bells with such a powerful stick. Relaxed playing technique and good weighting make the best sound! The beater is not suitable for thin-walled agogos, it is hard and heavy and can damage the welding seams. It is perfect for rustic welded, thick-walled bells, Maracatu gongués or cow bells!

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Customer reviews for "Bell beater"

21 Jan 2020
genau die richtige stärke -

genau die richtige stärke - nicht zu dick, nicht zu dünn. liegt gut in der hand. man kann den stick vergessen und sich ganz aufs spielen konzentrieren, der stick macht alles mit.

28 Mar 2019

Great for bell sounds good solid feel in hand

4 Feb 2019

liegt gut in der Hand, vielleicht ein wenig zu schwer, Geschmacksache.

28 Jan 2018

j' ai acheté ce produit parce que j'en avais besoin. J' ai cherché sur plusieurs sites, je ne l' ais touvé que chez vous

5 Feb 2017

Beater hat ziemlichen Punch.

1 Feb 2017

Handlicher großer Glocken Beater, der bei mir für einen vietnamesischen Dreizack (Holz Agogo mit 3 Glocken) zum Einsatz kommt. Das Hickory Holz ist trotz der Grösse und Dicke schön leicht. Der Beater hat eine schöne grössere Länge, die gut zu der vietnamesischen Agogo passt.

3 Dec 2016

Le choix de la baguette s'est fait par rapport au conseil de Kalango. La prise en main agréable.

25 Sep 2016

this is just as described by the website, perfect

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Under the trademark DURASTICK we produce specially designed sticks, synthetic beaters... more

Brand description "Durastick"


Under the trademark DURASTICK we produce specially designed sticks, synthetic beaters of all kinds and surdo beaters for sambistas, maracatuzeiros and aficionados of Samba Reggae.

We put particular importance on the suitable sizes and shapes for the respective music style as well as great durability and a good price-performance ratio.

  • DURASTICK offers surdo beaters in many colors, with different degrees of hardness and with aluminium or wooden grips.
  • There are elastic repinique sticks in many different lengths and a wide range sortiment of caixa and repinique sticks from different kinds of wood.
  • Tamborim beaters are our speciality!
  • A big variety of different models makes it easy for every sambista to find the perfect beater for his individual playing style.


Wood types used:

  • On the caixa and the repinique many of the played beats are rimshots. In order to produce sticks for these extreme demands, DURASTICKS are mainly made of American Hickory. This type of wood is extraordinary resistant and does not frazzle a lot.

  • For those who prefer heavier sticks, we offer sticks made of Hornbeam. This wood is also especially hard and has therefore a very defined and light sound when used for playing rimshots. Due to its hard surface,  it wears out quicker.

Sambistas sometimes have very particular preferences refering to their sticks. The DURASTICK assortment Durastick-Sortiment is constantly being developed and extended in order to accomplish all wishes and needs.

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