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Brazil percussion instruments are fabulous and robust. However, they are not indestructible. If you treat them with care and respect, they will last for years. The dos and don'ts - a Samba Percussion Pocket Guide.
Just in - a small selection of handmade top pandeiros from southern Brazil. Osvaldo continues the ultra-light pandeiro line of Fabiano Raposa under the name of his workshop 'Atelier de Percussão', which he lovingly crafts in his quaint studio in Florianópolis.

Artisan Shekerés by Biano Pajeú

Handmade in a small workshop in the hinterland of Pernambuco. Biano Pajeú's new collection of simply stunning shekerés has just arrived, light nets in macrame braiding, pyrographic patterns and funky colors - unique pieces with an excellent sound.
The xequebalde definitely belongs to the curiosity collection of Samba instruments: a shaker bucket made of metal with loose rivets, which bring in plenty of swing in your Roda de Samba, are great fun to play, not too difficult to learn and are celebrating a comeback in Rio.

Pandeiro with paper skin - vegan!

A vegan pandeiro completely made of recycled materials in hand-made quality? Yup, you read that right! New in our artisan pandeiro range is Vagner Oliveira's pandeiro made of 100% recycled materials - with paper skin - vegan!

Shhhh - Silent Pandeiros

Silent instruments can really help improve your skills and give you the freedom to practise at any time of the day without getting in your neighbours' way, bothering family members or waking up small children. Contemporanea's silent samba practice instruments are a hit.

New Samba Deals Now Online

New & exciting Brazil percussion deals just went online! Samba drums, accessories and hot deals for sambistas across all styles, get yourself and your drums ready for spring time / festival season!
Samba Reggae players can now finally also get a taste of Ivsom instruments. The caixa player from Rio has long made a name for himself in the Samba scene with his unique designs and high-quality drums. Now he has launched two fabulous caixa options for the Samba Reggae community.
Fresh from Brazil and now available online! The new PRO LEVE Pandeiro from Contemporânea with clear nylon head and formica frame. Funky sounds for modern and classic styles, light synthetic head pandeiro with dry sound characteristics.

Pizzott Artisan Pandeiros

News from our top pandeiro range: Pizzott has released a flat rim pandeiro in a fab 10,5 inch intermediate size. And: his long-standing Choro pandeiro in 10" has received a contemporary update straight into our ultra light weight range. More about our pandeiro top league...
Silent instruments really took off during the pandemic - not surprising with no rehearsals or gigs going on. But what can these practice instruments really do? We have 6+ good reasons for you why a silent instrument is a great piece of Samba gear to have, even after the lockdowns.

Linha Estudo Silent Samba Instruments

Available shortly: The new Linha Estudo silent instruments series with 4 well-designed practice instruments by Contemporânea. Silent gear for Samba percussion is very much en vogue right now - and rightly so!
New delivery in! Lili Nascimento - cavaquinho player and musician from São Paulo / Paris has tested the 3 APC models Basico, Pro and Lutier. Even the simple Basico Acustico for just over a hundred euros did really well! Watch the clip!
Long awaited - finally arrived! The new pandeiro by Georg, German carpenter and pandeiro luthier, who lives in the mountainous state of Minas Gerais, where he builds ingenious sounding, top-quality and ultra-light pandeiros from fine woods. Selected hide heads, Brazilian Freijo wood with lively textures and handmade hardware - another top pandeiro in our artisan range.
Want a more compact surdo? Izzo's MEDIO line with reduced 50cm shell for less weight & virtually identical sound characteristics. Are you also struggling to save every gram when playing surdo and don't want to give up sound quality? Here is your solution!
The new lightweight dobras from Izzo have landed! Bahia Light - Linha Leve: new in and fresh from Brazil - ultra-light Samba Reggae / Afro Samba surdos for authentic beats. No more aches and pains and heavy carrying, dance your choreography like a pro and enjoy fab sound qualities - this is how we love Samba!


An old luthier tradition from Portugal is cultivated by this family business: APC stands for made in Portugal and build our new cavaquinho line. A simple acoustic model starts at just over a 100€. Have you always wanted to learn how to play cavaquinho?


The repinique of your dreams is finally here: special features are the flattened rim and the black shiny superior head. Breathtaking sound and strong design. Available in wood (!) and aluminium. Fat beats for repinique pros!


Lovely & light-weight, artisanal alfaias with top sound and typical northeast style ornaments made with loving details by a small company in Portugal. We are happy to welcome Buriti's bumbos de Maracatu in our north-east percussion range.


Crispy, smacky sound and full volume just like the big ones at just 80cm - the new compact size is right on trend! Sounds good? We think so, too! New and online now: the special designs by Timbra Top Percussion are also available in 80cm compact size.


Ivsom's chocalho acústico has been given a fresh make-over: new and above all it has a lighter design, better handles and of course it kept its original Rio style sound. Authentic carioca instrument!


14" x 80cm Timbals - our new intermediate size. Sounds like a compromise, but it's not! For timbaleiros who don't want to make any sacrifices with sound! Compact with the same diameter, full sound quality with less weight, check it out!


Finally online - our great music vids we made in Artcelsior's factory in Rio! We had a great session with the lovely guys from Sambaí who kindly played a whole load of Samba instruments for our recordings!


A short trip to Ivson's instrument manufactory in Rio leaves us with itchy feet. The brand IVSOM is internationally known, German TV shows where the instruments come from and who actually invents and builds them!


Maracatu é trovão - Maracatu is thunder! 22" alfaias at a special price - goose bumps mega bass for your Maracatu group! The massive sounds of large alfaias will make the earth tremble under your feet!


Hand-welded agogo with 4 bells by Kalango!
Tuned to pretty intervals, each one hand crafted, rustical look - unique instruments with strong sound!


Sambatrend & News from Rio for caixa players! Brandnew invention by IVSOM - a caixa with 6 strings on the batter head and 6 more on the inside of the resonance head - extra dry and massive sound for Rio style Samba!

Carlinhos Brown Signature Line

The Carlinhos Brown Signature Line is a real masterpiece! Design timbals and bacurinhas with fantastic sound - an eyecatchers for stage gigs - Bahia Style with visual delight!

IVSOM in Coburg with Kalango !

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to introduce one of Rio’s best known manufacturers of Samba Percussion instruments to the European audience of this years Coburg Samba Festival. The authentic sound and look of IVSOM instruments has been a successfully growing part of Kalango’s percussion assortment in the past few years. IVSOM is an active part of Rio’s Samba community, playing caixa at the famous Samba school Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel. As Sambista and craftsman IVSOM has the knowledge and feeling it takes to make first class Rio Samba percussion. He will be at the Kalango stand open for any kind of questions or input. It’s his first time in Europe, please give him a warm welcome!


We have finally managed to find a workshop for beautiful looking and sounding Atabaques:  Tião do Atabaque from Rio de Janeiro manufacters  drums in the traditional manner with sturdy hardwood and beautiful best choice goatskin heads.

We are offering the Atabaques in the 3 traditional sizes: Lê ( 90 cm high, 9″ diameter ), Rumpi ( 100 cm high, 10″ diameter ), and Rum ( 120 cm high, 12″ diameter ). Tension hooks enable it to easily tune the drums as high as you prefer. An additional goody is the Rumpi with a tradional rope tuning system as alternative.

Every Atabaque comes with a simple round steel stand.

Enjoy playing and hearing the typical Capoeira rhythmes, the ritual Candomblé or Umbanda Toques, or the the wild grooves of the Samba de Roda with these absolutely authentic drums!

Timbra - Top Percussion made in Brazil

TIMBRA is the name of a brandnew percussion line that the brazilian manufacturer IZZO will be presenting at the Musikmesse Frankfurt this year. The modern design and top

quality of the entire range of samba percussion instruments ( Surdo, Pandeiro, Timbal, Repenique, Caixa and Cuica) is a real eyecatcher!

The standards for these instruments have been set up together with top musicians, like Rumpilezz and Chiclete com Banana from Salvador/Bahia.

They not only took influence on the developement of the instruments, they also put the prototypes to the acid test. The result of this absolutely professional

liaison are for example 90cm high Timbals in wood and aluminium which are all equiped with 16 tension hooks for high tuning! Of course this grade of perfection

will surely demand an adequate price but on the other hand these instruments seem to be very promising.

Size doesn´t matter?

when talking in terms of Samba, it sure does! A large or small head, a thick or thin grip are an essential issue when looking for the perfect surdo beater! We have developed a special Dobra beater with a smaller head and a thinner aluminium handle. The beater is lighter and has an excellent balance. The especially hard head provides a really sharp attack, – so give them a test and get rocking…

New product line by Artcelsior

In the past we have offered Artcelsior caixas and repeniques in 2 different product lines:  one version with aluminium shell and chromed tension rods and rims, and as alternative all in zinced steel. Two options with very different sound characteristics ( steel shells produce a significant dry sound!) and therefore an important part of our assortement. Since instruments with a steel shell are are much heavier we offer surdos only with an aluminium body and chromed steel hardware.

Chrome plating has become so expensive in the past few years that instruments with chrome plated hardware have more or less disappeared from the brazilian market. In order to be able to offer Artcelsior instruments for reasonable prices in the future, we have decided to follow this trend and from now on can supply not only caixa and repinique with zinced hardware, but also all sizes of surdos.