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Double string 12" x 17cm caixa by IVSOM

News for Rio style caixa players!

This beauty has 6 strings on the batter side and 6 more strings on the inside of the resonance head.
The strings on the inside of the resonance head have a muffling effect, producing a massive dry sound. The snare-sound is simply doubled!

Double stringed - double sound!

An aspect for sensitive ears:
often the typical Rio-style caixas have an annoying overtone, which automatically appears when you start playing the instrument. The double stringed caixa intuitively sounds more muffled due to the strings strapped to both heads. With this, disturbing side effects have no chance. The caixa sounds super dry, just the tone we´re searching for for a Rio style bateria. By the way, this caixa even sounds great if it is not pitched too high!


Obvious fact is - this is a Rio Style caixa with massive and super sound!
Samba trend and design by IVSOM for XL-sound!

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