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Crispy, smacky sound and full volume just like the big ones at just 80cm - the new compact size is right on trend! Sounds good? We think so too! New and online now: the special designs by Timbra are now also available in the 80cm compact size. Crisp tuning, clear and powerful slaps, resonant open tones, fat basses - absolutely hot timbals can cope with high tuning and promise maximum quality in every respect on all occasions from street gigs to stage shows.

The test shows: there is no difference between the sound of an 80cm and a 90cm timbal, as long as the heads are both 14".

For whom are 80cm timbals suitable?
80cm Timbals are the perfect intermediate size: no compromise in sound, optically a show effect and in principle they are suitable for every timbaleiro. Take a look at the features of the new 80cm line:

  • Suitable for everyone who thinks the 90cm size is too massive. The resonance body is 10cm shorter, but because the head diameter is the same there is literally no difference in terms of sound.
  • Perfect for timbaleiros who play a lot on parades. 80cm timbals are noticeably more compact, you will find it easier to walk
  • Ideal for groups that have dance choreographies in their program. Compact. Compact. Compact.
  • Practical for musicians who have limited space and weight capacity. 10cm sounds little, but can make a difference in a full trunk. The 80cm delivers what you need as a professional musician: show effect and top sound!
  • Good size for youth bands: nothing much to say - saving weight with full sound quality naturally benefits young sambistas. Starting from the teenager age, the kids can start playing adult instruments; If those are a bit more compact, it won't to any harm and be more comfy to wear.
  • For everyone who wants to play authentical style: noone will notice that your 80cm timbal is a tad shorter than the big 90cm timbals.

We can think of many more reasons that speak for the 80cm size.
If you are not sure what size is for you, you have questions or would like to ask some questions, drop us a line or give us a call!

Timbra Top Percussion has made a video to compare the sizes 80cm vs. 90cm: