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BlackTin XL Pandeiros

BlackTin - XL Pandeiros yes please!

According to BlackTin, more than 60% of their pandeiros sold are 12" or bigger! In Europe, pandeiristas have been shy of large format pandeiros. We want to change this!

Large pandeiros in 12" or even bigger are not uncommon in Brazil! How come?

XXL pandeiros in 12" or 13" or even in 14" are not at all uncommon in Brazil. On the contrary - according to some manufacturers, over 60% of the pandeiros sold in Brazil are 12" in diameter or larger. In Europe, on the other hand, barely anyone dares to attempt sizes over 10". Except for pandeiristas with very large hands or Brazilians who live in Europe and are familiar with the size and sound qualities. Yet the family pizza-sized pandeiros are spectacular show elements and have a lot to offer musically!

BlackTin - Pandeiros in +sizes for fat sound - show!

The pandeiro as a show element has been around before! The so-called Malabaristas - jugglers with pandeiros - danced and juggled their way through the baterias, with sparkly 14" pandeiros, which they spun on top of their fingers and tossed high in the air. Then new playing techniques emerged and the trend went towards smaller, more compact and lighter models. However, modern materials now make it possible to build XL pandeiros as lightweights as well. The show pandeiro is back!

Previous experience on the pandeiro is of course helpful if you want to play XL pandeiros. For beginners we would still recommend lighter, smaller models to strengthen technique and muscles. But this can be achieved relatively quickly.

Unique pieces, dazzling colours and unusual design: BlackTin Pandeiros in XL

For those who are not aware that there are different types of pandeiros: Natural skin pandeiros are generally lighter instruments, as they are largely used for the more traditional styles of music such as Samba de Mesa or Choro. Small, mostly unamplified ensembles with analog character, in other words.

Pagode pandeiros, on the other hand are pandeiros with plastic heads that are higher pitched and whose frames have to withstand the higher tension and crisp slaps; They belong to a different genre. They sound totally different by design, because they are used for other genres. Bands that use synthetic pandeiros often play with amplified instruments (cavaquinho, bandolim, vocals) and in larger combos with louder percussion instruments. The pandeiro has to work harder. A plastic pandeiro is capable of that. It is louder, higher, crisper and sounds quite dominant if you have good technique.

BlackTin is a small company from southern Brazil that specialises in Samba instruments with flashy designs, especially large-sized pandeiros. Many of their pandeiros are one-offs. The frames are made of wood keeping the weight super low. For a 13" pandeiro, 600g is spectacularly light! The skins should not be pitched up to a maximum, instead they sound best when tuned with the focus on mids. Relaxed and a bit oldschool. Their sound is punchy and are real eye-catchers! The jingles are not dominant and their sound stays in the background. Some models have hammered jingles, most models use aluminium platinelas for rustic sound characteristics, versatile sound spectrum and low weight.

Do you dare to join XL Pandeiros in their comeback?

Your Kalango Team