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Artisan Shekerés by Biano Pajeú

Shekerés from Pernambuco - artisan-made, special unique pieces

The handmade instruments we source from small artisan workshops in Brazil take us back in time and remind us why we once founded Kalango. The fascination of musical diversity in Brazil and the excitement of seeing an instrument being handmade all the way until it becomes part of the music we so much love - it still enchants us. Biano Pajeú is the owner of one of these small workshops in Pernambuco, one of the musically richest regions of northeastern Brazil. All of Biano's passion goes into the development, design and making of the gourd shakers. His new collection once again has some unique new features and colour combos that we hope you'll love as much as we do.

Light macramé nets, beads in all colors and shapes

Macrame nets are THE en vogue technique in the scene and currently Biano's preferred way of weaving the beads around the gourds. The nets are lighter and sound more defined, he says. For more visual appeal, he painstakingly decorates the shekeré necks with beautiful and lavish pyrographic patterns and uses funky bead colours across the whole spectrum. He also added Buzios shells as a new sound element.

Shells as sound element

Since real shells are very fragile and break quickly, after a long testing phase he decided to use synthetic shells, which not only look as if the Atlantic Ocean had just washed them up on a white sandy beach but also sound really cool and are extremely durable. Biano's new shekerés are true pieces of art, all one of a kind and now online available for you - yay!

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Your Kalango Team