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On one of our last trips to Brazil, naturally we also planned to stop by one of Rio's most traditional manufacturers of Samba percussion instruments! Artcelsior's factory has already been in the same place for many decades. It has seen the whole development of the company originally named Lecsom and Excelsior before it became Artcelsior. Entering the factory,  a few charming leftovers from former times - the green painted walls with their patina and some of the furnishing - immediately make us feel welcome and comfortable.

We have brought some cameras and the idea is to record Artcelsior products for the Kalango website. As expected, it turned out differently. Artcelsior planned a special surprise for us! The long-established company which cultivates close contact to their clients, musicians and sambistas, invited the musicians of Sambaí and asked them to play their instruments for our recordings! YEAH! What a great surprise!

Artcelsior is one of Rio's most traditional instrument factory. They have already been making Samba instruments for the big and famous Samba schools of Rio for decades. The people at Artcelsior know exactly how Samba instruments have to sound like. The get so much feedback from the big and the small Samba schools and are always in close contact with many musicians. Their drums have become what they are today through the experience of thousands of sambistas. Robust, functional and with great sound - made by tradition.

Artcelsior's drums were the first to be available in Europe in the late 1080s. They were then still known under the name Lecsom, and the still very small Samba scene loved the instruments from Rio. Today they have a lot of competition, still many sambistas consider their instruments as their absolute favourite choice. The company produces all kinds of Samba instruments that are played by the escolas de Samba or which are used for Pagode and Samba de mesa. Above all, their cuicas enjoy cult status!

Now - finally! - we are able to show you a compendium of our product vids with Artcelsior. Thanks to the  guys from Sambaí who were absolutely lovely and the most authentic surrounding, the results have turned out really cool, have a look yourself - we simply think they're awesome! Single sequences of this video session you can find by scrolling through our Artcelsior products on our site!