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Every year, Salvador celebrates the Dia de Yemanjá on February 2nd.
Yemanjá is an African Orixá and has a significant role in Candomblé an other Afro-Brazilian religions.
Her celebration is an important event of the year, many thousands of people dress all white to honour her and go to the beaches to bring her offerings. On self-built and even -baked ships, people offer her flowers, small mirrors, combs, perfumes, jewellery, food and other pretty objects. The celebration of the sea goddess is an important event for devotees of Candomblé and Umbanda.

She has many names: Iemanjá, Iyemanjá, Yemaya, Yemoja or Iemoja

Often, religious Candomblé festivals fall together with Christian ones. On February 2nd, the catholic church celebrates Candlemass, the day of the sea goddess is also the day of the catholic Saint Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes (Br. Saint of the seafarers). The Candlemass rose in pagan Rome and has transferred to another culture. Until today, hundred thousands of candles are lit every year on Salvador's reefs for the sea goddess in order to honour her. These are incomparable and spectacular moments, touching, beautiful, very musical and a mixture of ritual and festive event.

'Mother whose children are fish'

If you ever have the chance to attend this event, this will be a very special experience which you shouldn't miss, if you happen to be in Brazil at that time. In other parts of Brazil, the Dia de Yemanjá might be celebrated on a different day (in São Paulo e.g. it's on December 8th).