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Linha Estudo Silent Samba Instruments

Linha Estudo - Silent Samba Instruments by Contemporânea

Quiet percussion instruments that can easily be practised at home are more popular than ever. The lockdown of the recent months has made things difficult for many hobby and professional musicians without access to rehearsal spaces.

The industry reacted with some terrific choices of creative silent instruments, and now the response for sambistas from all over the world has arrived freshly from Brazil: Contemporânea has launched their silent samba gear line called Linha Estudo - a selection of silent samba percussion instruments for rehearsing outside a normal band practise. The benefits and functionality of the silent percussion instruments will extend far beyond the lockdown times, quite simply because the concept of silent percussion gear is ingenious. If you are intrigued by the idea of playing bateria instruments in your home, you can find more information in our special article on silent instruments:

6+ tips why you need a silent instrument

In addition to the Samba-multitool Multi-Pad, which is designed for silent practice on a variety of Samba instruments such as caixa, caixa emcima, repinique, timbal, surdo, repique de mão and even the pandeiro, the Linha Estudo also features a tamborim practice pad (AB+) with a deep frame as well as an absolute novelty - the Silent Chocalho and a Silent Pandeiro. With rubberised plastic "jingles" and true-to-the-original weighting, from now on the chocalho section can practice at home without causing a ruckus with the neighbours. A practise chocalho enables beginners to join their bateria directly from their first day on.

Contemporânea have completed a very successful test phase with their endorsers, now we are looking forward to receiving the gear in our shop and are curious to hear what you think about it.
Here are a few examples of silent instruments played by Contemporânea endorsers: