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Lili Nascimento checks out APC Cavaquinhos

Back in stock - new delivery with our popular cavaquinhos made in Portugal by the family luthier APC

Simple but well-made: the cavaquinho Basico is the perfect travel and entry-level model for smaller budgets. If you don't want to invest a lot, don't need any extras and don't want to miss out on a good quality instrument with authentic sound, you can get started with the basic model from APC for just over a hundred euros. Perfect for beginners or young sambistas! Great for travellers and experimentalist. The Basico is the perfect travel buddy (once Corona allows us again), take it to your sea side trip, to a summer BBQ or for any spontaneous Pagode sessions to which you don't want to take your most expensive instrument.

Inexpensive without no rivals: simple beginner's and travel cavaquinho - the Basico by APC

The Pro cavaquinho ranks in the mid-range, comes with a semi-soft case and has a few details that are of higher quality than the Basico in terms of sound, appearance and construction. Solid wood parts provide excellent sound qualities, and with the Electrico version you can also join the harmonia of any proper Samba bateria. Good value for money!

Basico - Pro - Luthier: 3 cavaquinho models made in Portugal

The Luthier is a bit pricier but also comes with some features like solid wood parts which you will notice right away. The sound is brilliant and beautiful, whilst at the same time the cavaco has all the qualities needed for more experienced players and softer or more classical styles like Choro. If you are already an advanced-level cavaco player or have previous experience on the guitar, the Luthier will not disappoint: it has everything you could wish for, from high-quality workmanship to active pickup, from professional sound to unrestricted musical compatibility. The Luthier also comes with a semi-soft case. The complete package for very affordable European-made quality.

Lili Nascimento - cavaquinista from São Paulo / Paris played the sound samples for us and tested all 3 cavacos

Lili Nascimento is from São Paulo, lives in Paris and is also a multi-percussionist and musician. She's an absolute crack on the cavaquinho and kindly tested all three models for us while recording her session. We simply love her style and were so excited when we received the recordings that we couldn't decide which ones to use for our video for you. We hope the sound samples will help you find the right cavaquinho and give you a good impression of their qualities and characteristics. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@kalango.com.