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All about nylon heads #SambaHacks

How long do nylon heads actually last? What do I do if my head tears? When do I need to replace a head? Get some really interesting and functional answers, facts and samba hacks about nylon drumheads our #sambahacks article - real insider tips for sambistas!
Jorginho lives in Rio and runs his own small samba product line. In addition to his work as an instrument maintainer for small and large samba schools he also makes samba equipment for renowned samba brands. We talked to him about his work.

Wooden surdo tripod

Our lightweight, foldable, super-functional tripod made from sustainable and recycable materials. Our new alternative to aluminium surdo stands comes in three sizes with anti-slip surface and floor protectors. Fast to set up and pack away, packs down small and weighs next to nothing.

My drumhead is creased - is that normal?

We sometimes receive concerned emails from sambistas asking about the gap in the rim of their drumhead and the creases around the edge. "Is this gap normal or is my drumhead faulty? A production defect? Does it affect the sound?" Read here why your drum head is fine.

Tamborim Beaters by Japa

The absolute geek stick for tamborim players! Beater trend from Brazil for advanced tam players who want to pursue or develop a powerful playing style, or for beginners who are serious about learning the 3-1 technique. What makes this stick so special? Learn more in our article.
New colours! Bendy Samba Reggae repinique beaters with retired climbing rope handles look awesome, have a good grip and feel comfortable in your hand, maybe they even match your outfit but above all - they give a new existence to discarded materials.


Play the authentic breaks of Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel with your bateria and find scores and Video Links in the new book about Mestre Dudu's work. Gabriel Lopes' (Monobloco) new Bossa collection - available now!
The reuse of materials for other purposes is contemporary, necessary and important to us. Retired climbing ropes now get a stylish new life as Samba Reggae accessory - they make for perfect beater handles for repiniques. Non-slip grip, colourful and definitely a piece of unique Samba gear.


Now available as instant download: Pandeiro Brasileiro - the complete workshop or single teaching sections with pandeiro legend Marcos Suzano. Download and start playing right away! Bring your pandeiro technique to life & get loads of inspiration!


Big news for our international customers - new shipping rates now available for small orders 2kg max! Ordering small instruments like pandeiros, media or accessories like smaller drum heads, straps, sticks or spares is now finally possible at reasonable international shipping rates.


Choro - an old Brazilian music tradition awakens to new life. Check out our new section for Choro music. Online now: Songbooks, DVDs, CDs with scores, Download options and of course instruments.


A great cross section through the diversity of Brazilian music styles and rhythms like Choro, Partido Alto, Baião, Xote, Maxixe, Frevo, Samba a.o. Lesson-DVD for beginners and intermediates or anyone wanting to try something new. Play-alongs and lesson booklet!
We print your band logo in top-quality, individually and according to your own design on P3 IZZO Samba heads! 6" tamborim heads or 24" surdo heads - brilliant, photorealistic prints for all sizes, no rub-off, cool transfer prints for your Samba band - authentically Brazilian!