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SLAP Refillz 12 damper gel pads, transparent - Slapklatz

SLAP Refillz Nachfüllset 12 Gel Pads, transparent Slapklatz A524030

SLAP Refillz 12 damper gel pads, transparent - Slapklatz

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Refill set: Slapklatz round damper gel pads -  refill sheet with 12 reusable pads, colour:... more

SLAP Refillz 12 damper gel pads, transparent - Slapklatz

Refill set: Slapklatz round damper gel pads -  refill sheet with 12 reusable pads, colour: transparent (without box)

Sound control for your drums: Get control over unwanted overtones, muffle your surdo, reduce overtone frequences on your caixa and fine-tune the sound on any drum with a synthetic head.

What is Slapklatz? Have you not sometimes wished to know a quick, easy and cheap method to muffle your drums and get a better sound? The handy little damper gel pads are a great solution! No more fiddling around with sticky gaffa tape and masking techniques. The pads are especially designed for drum heads, easy to put on and take off, reuse and clean. They minimise overtones, are autoadhesive, shorten unwanted sustain and thicken the vibration behaviour of your drum head. Ideal for surdo and caixa or snare, but basiscally for any drum with a synthetic head.

How to use:
Take the pads you want to use from the box and place them on the edge of the batter head (the one you will be playing on). If you want to use several pads, place on on the opposite side of eachother on the edge of the head (not touching the rim).
Larger gel pads muffle stronger. Several smaller pads have a more even effect than a single large one. Use on any instrument with a synthetic head, e.g. surdo, caixa / snare, repinique, pandeiro with nylon head, timbal, repique de mão. Try it out - if it sounds right, it is right!

Care instructions:
Rinse with some soap unter the tap.

Rain will not affect the Slapklatz whilst you should avoid leaving the gel pads in direct sun or in hot places (sun-heated car, on a radiator) which will cause damage.

Set refill set contains 12 gel pads: 6 x small, 4 x medium and 2 x large.

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