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Seven string guitar Simples - acoustic - Artimusica

Seven string guitar Simples - acoustic - Artimusica

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3,5 kg

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Brazilian seven-string guitar Simples with solid spruce top - Violão 7 cordas by Artimúsica... more

Seven string guitar Simples - acoustic - Artimusica

item number: A171060
finish: gloss
material: solid / lam. wood
pick-up: none, accoustic
neck: mahogany
fretboard / bridge: muten
rib / back: laminate, sapele mahogany
soundboard / top: cedar (solid)
weight (net): 3,5 kg

Brazilian seven-string guitar Simples with solid spruce top - Violão 7 cordas by Artimúsica

Seven-string guitars are beautifully bassy instruments, used especially in Samba and Choro, but now are also sometimes seen in modern styles. They are typically tuned in E, B, G, D, A, E, B (high to low), with the low B string providing the additional bass line. Artimúsica is a traditional luthier company from Portugal, passionate about mastering and maintaining techniques that are more than 100 years old.

The Simples model is a simple but no less potent 7-corda, handcrafted with selected wooden elements in traditional workmanship. Spruce has been the number one wood for guitar tops for more than a 150 years. It is light, hard and inelastic, all characteristics that are essential for a well vibrating sound body. In addition, spruce has a balanced and mellow tonal character with good treble response and a clear, defined sound. Solid spruce tops expressively reproduce the essential sound characteristics of the guitar. Artimúsica uses selected woods, which they handcraft into Brazilian 7-cordas with great expertise.
Solid, beautifully crafted all-rounder model for all levels from beginners to more experienced players. Made in Portugal!

Top: solid spruce
Rib and back: Sapele laminate
Tuning: E, B, G, D, A, E, B

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Customer reviews for "Seven string guitar Simples - acoustic"

28 Feb 2022
Great price, quality is very

Great price, quality is very high, and fast shipment. Very high quality indeed, and an excellent price. I am enjoying learning to play it

4 Nov 2021


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Made in Portugal! In 1992, ARTIMÚSICA Instrumentos Musicais, Lda. was officially established... more


Made in Portugal! In 1992, ARTIMÚSICA Instrumentos Musicais, Lda. was officially established with based on the idea to manufacture traditional Portuguese chordophones.
The main Luthiers Manuel Carvalho and José Carvalho learned this wonderful and traditional craft from their grandfather, a master in this skill, Joaquim José Machado, who until today remains a reference in the history of the Portuguese chordophones. The methods of the craft are more than a 100 years old and can be considered the secret behind the quality of Artimúsica's instrument and as a brand. The craftsmanship of their luthiers work is well known not only in Portugal but also internationally.

The name Artimúsica represents the company's heart: using their knowledge to make great quality instruments, treat them like a piece of art at an affordable price. Artimúsica take pride in their flagship instrument, the Portuguese Guitar, the main instrument played in the FADO music (UNESCO’s list of World´s Intangible Cultural Heritage). With their impeccable cavaquinhos and their outstanding sound qualities we are happy to add this European luthier to our range of selected cavaquinho manufacturers, knowing that the Samba scene will appreciate the art of the craft.

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