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Seven string guitar - Indian Rosewood, with case - APC

Seven string guitar - Indian Rosewood, with case - APC

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weight (net):
4,5 kg

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719,00 *

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7-string acoustic guitar, Indian Rosewood, with hard case - APC Beautiful 7-string Choro,... more

Seven string guitar - Indian Rosewood, with case - APC

item number: A170041
finish: matt, open pore
material: solid wood
pick-up: none, accoustic
neck: acacia
fretboard / bridge: acacia
rib / back: Indian Rosewood
soundboard / top: cedar (solid)
total length: 1010 mm
scale length: 650 mm
nut width: 61 mm
max. width of rib: 100 mm
barre de réglage (thruss rod): yes
weight (net): 4,5 kg

7-string acoustic guitar, Indian Rosewood, with hard case - APC

Beautiful 7-string Choro, Samba de Mesa, Samba de Enredo-guitar from the Portuguese luthier APC.
Solid wood components of cedar and Indian rosewood are used for this 7-cordas guitar with a strong tonal spectrum. Indian Rosewood has a wide frequency range at both ends of the sound spectrum, making it one of the most popular and musically rich tonewoods. Deep lows and particularly strong, bright and sparkling mids with bell-like sounding trebles are the distinguishing features of this model. Indian rosewood sounds deeper in the lower range and brighter in the upper range and has especially strong mids. Great sound with a lot of authenticity - the combination of the particularly versatile resonance woods makes this model highly popular. Various playing techniques can be transferred wonderfully, the tone results are reliable and consistent.

This model is very versatile in sound. If you like a guitar with fuller basses and brighter trebles, you will find all that with this model. Nicely finished body with selected, solid tonewoods for a characteristic, resonant tone and optically rich variety of brown and violet colour grains. Warm and rich sounding guitar with great resonance and volume.

Nearly half a century of luthier tradition has gone into this high-quality instrument produced in Europe. APC specialises in Portuguese stringed instruments with a beautiful selection of Brazilian stringed instruments, their focus is on high quality standards and excellent sound. APC instruments are also visually appealing. Soft, warm-sounding, local woods and the luthiering experience of a family business have resulted in a range of instruments that are truly worth seeing and hearing. Quality made in Portugal.

No truss rod is required for this model. APC uses truss rods only on classical guitars with steel strings. The tension of the 7th string applied to the neck is not so strong that it requires a truss rod. In addition, the design of the neck construction already has the geometry to withstand the tension statically and strengthen the neck itself.

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Customer reviews for "Seven string guitar - Indian Rosewood, with case"

14 Nov 2023
Nice and chunky. Love it.

Nice and chunky. Love it. Thanks a bunch. Cheers.

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Handmade quality cavaquinhos from Portugal, beautifully finished and made in Europe Born in... more


Handmade quality cavaquinhos from Portugal, beautifully finished and made in Europe

Born in 1951, António Pinto Carvalho, founder of APC Instrumentos Musicais, opened his company in 1976 with the aim of producing high quality stringed instruments.

Already at the tender age of 10, António Pinto Carvalho began to learn the art he still devotes himself to today. Guided and inspired by his grandfather, he built the first cavaquinhos and guitars. Today he is one of the most famous guitar makers in Portugal, the company is still in the hands of his family.

With around 50 employees, APC is the largest national company in this field and produces and sells a wide range of instruments worldwide. Despite its traditional background, the company invests in the latest technology and strives for the greatest possible accuracy and precision in the manufacturing of string instruments. However, the irreplaceable work of a luthier remains important, turning every instrument into a unique piece and defining its beauty and sound. The symbiosis between 19th century craftsmanship and today's technology is the key to the quality and authenticity of every APC instrument.

APC Instrumentos Musicais stands for Portugal's reputation for string instrument making, a country as rich in chords and sound scapes as the string instruments themselves. Genuine Portuguese culture and tradition.


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