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Surdo Head 18''' korino - inverted - Timbra

Surdo Head 18''' korino - inverted - Timbra

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Inverted nappa- / korino head, 18'' by Timbra: A nappa head with a new concept: The... more

Surdo Head 18''' korino - inverted - Timbra

item number: A330718
size: 18''
Type: nappa / korino inverted
weight (net): 0,6 kg
MPN 9708EX
gtin13 7899574304583

Inverted nappa- / korino head, 18'' by Timbra:

A nappa head with a new concept: The artificial nappa skin is on the inside of a double-layered head, the white nylon head is on top. The sound has more volume and a fuller bass, the beat stays clear and accentuated. Until recently the typical full sound of korino heads was only possible by missing out the defined attack. This new head from Timbra has both: a deep impressive bass and a clear beat!

Nappa or korino heads are multi-ply synthetic layers of artificial leather and nylon. This construction reacts quite sensitive to beaters which are too hard. The head will brake if you use beaters with too little padding. We recommend that for korino heads you use only soft or medium beaters with plenty of padding.

Note about spare parts:

We recommend that you always purchase spare parts of the same brand as your instrument to ensure fit and function. We cannot assume any warranty for different-brand combinations. If you are looking for a spare part that you cannot find on our site, please contact us!

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Customer reviews for "Head 18''' korino - inverted"

13 Dec 2022
Meilleur pour le son aigu

J'ai acheté pour en tester parce que c'est nouveau et je voulais essayer sur ma zabumba. J'aime bien pour lakkordage aigu. Super service. Meilleur shop pour moi.

5 May 2018

toller bass sound. schönes design.

4 Jul 2016

das Surdofell erfüllt mehrere Bedürfnisse, warmer Klang, trotzdem akzentuiert, wetterfest.

17 Jan 2016

Tolles Fell macht einen trockenen Klang.

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In 2010, IZZO managed to pull off a remarkable milestone by lancing their high-end show brand TIMBRA TOP PERCUSSION.

All TIMBRA Samba instruments have been developed in close cooperation with renowned percussionists. The objective was to create convincing series of instruments with great sound, optically outstanding and adecuate for stage gigs. Especially the timbals, made of either wood or aluminium, set new standards with their 16 tuning hooks, extraordinary design and spectacular sound.


TIMBRA builds all kinds of Samba instruments from wood and aluminium surdos, cuicas, rebolos to tantans and timbals. A special eye-catcher was one of the brand's first lines - the Carlinhos Brown Signature Series with timbals and bacurinhas with elaborate colour prints and designs on vinyls. High-quality workmanship, authentic sounds and flashy designs are still the main trademarks of TIMBRA.

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