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Cuica 6" x 20 cm - stainless steel DEAL - Izzo

Cuica 6" x 20 cm - stainless steel DEAL - Izzo

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1,2 kg

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6" pocket-cuica, stainless steel shell It really is a pretty small cuica - but it's not a... more

Cuica 6" x 20 cm - stainless steel DEAL - Izzo

item number: A321120
diameter: 6''
shell: stainless steel
total height: 20 cm
material rods: chromed
tension rods: 6
rim: chrome
finish: glossy
weight (net): 1,2 kg
MPN 9908EX
gtin13 7899574304811
6" pocket-cuica, stainless steel shell

It really is a pretty small cuica - but it's not a toy! The 6" cuica by Izzo is absolutely sound-compatible! Sure, for a large bateria you will have to go for a larger size, but for a small session or a weekend trip with some Pagodes, this one here is just perfect! The goatskin head is all ready to play with the gambito tied in. You might find it helpful to sand the bamboo stick down a little bit with a piece of sandpaper, with that the head will respond more easily. Keep in mind that the thinner the gambito is, the more sensitive it gets.
The shell is made of stainless steel, the hardware is chromed, rustical and well made. Cuicas are funny little instruments, not so easy to play but always a big enrichment. You will see it a lot in Brazil, here it is becoming more and more popular.
A very diverse, original an authentic instrument and a great supplement to have in any Samba session!

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Customer reviews for "Cuica 6" x 20 cm - stainless steel DEAL"

13 Nov 2021
j'ai acheté cette cuica pour

j'ai acheté cette cuica pour commencer à en jouer. Première fois. Je me suis bien amusé quelque temps puis oups baguette décrochée. Impossible à réinstaller. Instrument ou juste la peau très fragile! je suis vraiment déçu. Pourtant le reste de l'instrument à l'air de qualité...

Answer by Kalango

Cher client, les cuicas sont des petits instruments très fragiles. Il n'est pas rare que la baguette de bambou se casse, surtout chez les débutants. Nous avons plusieurs tutoriels sur notre site web et notre Youtube sur comment réparer une peau de cuica et comment mettre un nouveau gambito. Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter et notre service clientèle sera heureux de vous aider.

13 Feb 2016

Gut verarbeitet. Man hat das Gefühl, ein wertiges Instrument in der Hand und fr sein Geld bekommen zu haben. Das Instrument ist genau richtig für kleinere Runden mit zwei Gitarren und Handpercussion.

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High-quality instruments for Rio Samba and Samba Reggae, which are especially popular... more



High-quality instruments for Rio Samba and Samba Reggae, which are especially popular and proven in schools! For quite some years now, instrument builder IZZO remains among the top brands of Brazilian Samba percussios. It has been a while that IZZO instruments from São Paulo were rather simple percussion instruments which were very popular in Brazil due to their good price range.
Then they began to constantly increase their standard of Samba instruments until they reached a top-class level. By now they have become a serious manufacturer with a wide range of very well manufactured instruments which are known throughout the international market.


IZZO achieved a special coup when in 2010 they lanced their top brand TIMBRA. TIMBRA instruments were developed in close cooperation with renowned percussionists. The objective was to create convincing series of instruments with great sound, optically outstanding and adecuate for stage gigs. Especially the timbals, made of either wood or aluminium, set new standards with their 16 tuning hooks, extraordinary design and spectacular sound.

Today IZZO is completely in the league of the old-established traditional brands of Samba instruments.

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