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Apito - shopping guide

How many tones?

A Samba whistle with 2-3 tones you will only need if you want to play some solo whistling effects. You then need one hand for playing the whistle. If you have a free hand, depends on if you are playing an instrument at the same time or if you are using both hands for conducting. If you just want to give signals, a Samba whistle with 1 tone is absolutely perfect. They have an extremely shrill tone, are low-priced and easy to handle.

Plastic, metal or wood?

Plastic apitos are very light weighted, which is nice when you have to hold them with your teeth in order to keep your hands free. The plastic is tasteless and teeth-friendly. Metal apitos have a great sound, look smart and appear high quality, but are heavy and can harm your teeth. Wooden Apitos sound less loud, but are great for small instrumentations or for effects.

The right shape?

We recommend a whistle with a long mouthpiece which is simply practical if you have to hold it with your teeth over a longer period.


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