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Cuica skin 10'' - wood rim - R&G

Cuica skin 10'' - wood rim - R&G

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weight (net):
0,12 kg

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39,00 *

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Hide head with gambito (stick) / replacement skin for cuica on wood ring for 10" cuica - RG... more

Cuica skin 10'' - wood rim - R&G

item number: A427010
head by instrument: Cuica
size: 10''
Type: hide head - wood rim
weight (net): 0,12 kg
Hide head with gambito (stick) / replacement skin for cuica on wood ring for 10" cuica - RG

Tips for cuica skins:
Cuica skins are a natural product made of goat skin and therefore quite sensitive. The skins should always be loosened after playing or for storage. Please store natural skins at normal room temperature. Do not store in damp areas, near heating or in a car. Heat and dry air make natural skins brittle and put them under extreme tension, which can cause the skin to tear. Cuica heads also break easily if you accidentally touch the skin too often with a damp cloth from the inside when playing. The water softens the skin around the knot, the high tension will stretch and eventually might tear the skin. If you are putting on a new skin and need to wetten it (e.g. because the rim is twisted), please make sure to let it dry completely before putting tension on it. This usually takes overnight. We strongly advise against speeding up drying by using a hair dryer, heating or direct sunlight which might cause damage to the skin.

Information about mounting hide heads:
Natural heads tend to twist when they are unmounted due to different air humidity and temperature. When you are ready to put the head on your instrument and see that it is twisted, moisten (not soak!) the head carefully with a kitchen sponge, then put it on a flat surface and push the drum shell in the rim from above. Put your drum loosely back together and wait until the head is dry before putting any tension on it. Let it dry slowly in the air (best overnight), don't use heaters, hairdryers and don't leave it in the sun as it will make the head brittle and prone to tear.

Note about spare parts:

We recommend that you always purchase spare parts of the same brand as your instrument to ensure fit and function. We cannot assume any warranty for different-brand combinations. If you are looking for a spare part that you cannot find on our site, please contact us!

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R&G is a well-known samba instrument production factory in Rio de Janeiro, whose aesthetics... more


R&G is a well-known samba instrument production factory in Rio de Janeiro, whose aesthetics and workmanship are strongly oriented towards the authentic, robust and functional construction of Rio Samba Drums. The entire range of samba instruments is manufactured in their small facility. Gago, whose name stands for the "G" in the company name, used to work in the Artcelsior production facility for a long time before he started his own business.

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