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Malacacheta 12'' x 20 cm Malacacheta 12'' x 20 cm

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Caixa 14"x 15cm - Teppich Caixa 14'' x 15 cm - snare wires

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Malacacheta 12" x 17 cm Malacacheta 12'' x 17 cm

in stock

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€160.00 *

In Brazil, the small drums with either simple guitar strings or the common snare wires are called caixas. In Rio, almost exclusively caixas with strings are used. The short, dry and very penetrant sound of tarol, caixa de guerra and malacacheta is typical for the Rio Samba. Caixas with snare wires or snare drums are commonly played in Maracatu, Samba-Reggae and Afro Samba styles as well as various other music styles.

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