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Caixa de Guerra 12" x 17 cm - aluminium - Ivsom

Caixa de Guerra 12" x 17 cm - aluminium Ivsom A110214
Preview: Caixa de Guerra 12" x 17 cm - aluminium Video Video

Caixa de Guerra 12" x 17 cm - aluminium - Ivsom

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Caixa de Guerra 12'' x 17 cm - Aluminium
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Caixa de Guerra 12"x17 cm - aluminium - with 6 strings! Smart classical sized IVSOM caixa.... more

Caixa de Guerra 12" x 17 cm - aluminium - Ivsom

item number: A110214
style: Rio batucada
diameter: 12''
shell: aluminium
hardware: galvanised
stringing: strings
height of shell: 16 cm
tension rods: 6
length of rods: 20 cm
finish: glossy
weight (net): 2,1 kg

Caixa de Guerra 12"x17 cm - aluminium - with 6 strings!

Smart classical sized IVSOM caixa. Traditional Rio Samba instrument for playing  either 'em cima' (up) or down. Yellow galvanised hardware - stylish caixa with rich, dry, authentic Rio sound!
As usual with all IVSOM instruments, the tension rods are screwed down perfectly flush with the fittings in the tension hoop. It only sticks out very little over the tension bracket on the side of the nuts. All important details such as a smoothed out rims for ideal skin fitting, string accomodation, tension rings, threads etc. are neatly manufactured in the usual good quality IVSOM manner.
Amongst others, IVSOM provides the sambaschool Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel in Rio de Janeiro with his instruments. Being a mechanic and a caixa player, he disposes of ideal abilities for building good quality Samba instruments.

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Customer reviews for "Caixa de Guerra 12" x 17 cm - aluminium"

24 Sep 2020
Très bon instrument, des caixa

Très bon instrument, des caixa de superbe conception, agréables à jouer tant en bas que "em cima"
L'idéal pour jouer Carioca

24 Sep 2020
Très bon instrument, durable, son

Très bon instrument, durable, son sec et poids bien géré

26 Mar 2020
Awesome Malacacheta! The best I've

Awesome Malacacheta! The best I've tried till the date and very well built!

7 Aug 2018

Schönes Instrument. Echt Rio Style

7 Feb 2018

Perfect caixa. Very nice Sound.

8 Jan 2018

Alles perfekt, vielen Dank

8 Nov 2017

The IVSOM caixa is put together in a very nice way. It has a very high pitched cracky sound, just perfect.

21 Jun 2017

The Ivsom Caixa de Guerra is very well made, it sounded great right out of the box, that is not always true of other Brazilian instruments.
Kalango customer service was excellent, and my package was delivered promptly.
Thank you.

27 Dec 2016

Je cru que la single venez avec, un peu déçu mais sans importance, le produit est super. Merci encore

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IVSOM in Brazil IVSOM is a small producer of Samba instruments from Rio de Janeiro.... more



IVSOM in Brazil

IVSOM is a small producer of Samba instruments from Rio de Janeiro. The brand is a wordplay: Its owner´s name is Ivson, the Braziliain word for tune is 'som'. Before becoming self-employed, Ivson absolved a profound formation in the metalworking craft sector. Ivson has been an active sambista for many years. He plays caixa for Mocidade, his wife and business partner Luciana plays the chocalho. Therefore he is very close to his clients and knows exactly, what is in demand. Ivson actively participates in the production of his instruments and makes excellent-quality instruments in a very well organized workshop. Some of Rio´s major Samba schools play his instruments. Quite frecuently Ivson surprises us with new features and innovations. Due to his close contact to the Samba scene, he is often the first to convert buzzing ideas and or incitations into useful inspiration for making new instruments. The IVSOM 'vasado' caixas and repiniques created the trend of instruments without bodies.


IVSOM in Europe
IVSOM instruments have gained high recognition amongst Hardcore Rio Sambistas in Europe within the last couple of years. Especially their good workmanship and the excellent sound of the drums have attracted the percussionist´s attenention over here. The number of IVSOM fans is growing larger each year.

Percussion instrumens
IVSOM drums have a couple of untypical characteristics. For example, the tension rods are tightly screwed to the tension hoop. This link is very stable and absolutely free of rattling noises, but a bit more time-consuming in its montage. The surdos have a neat detail concerning the rims of the body where the head rests. The body´s wall is rimmed around a 10 mm flat bar. With this the corpus is a lot more stable than other bodies where wire is used for reinforcement. Like this the drums obtain a smooth and flat rim for ideal head fitting. IVSOM´s reference product is the rocar with 20 jingles.


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