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The typical shape of authentic triangles in Forró and other nordestino styles has a long base and short sides and therefore a large angle at the top. Bernardo Luiz is a musician and sanfona player himself. He is from Recife in the north-east of Brazil and knows exactly how the underestimated small percussion instrument ought to sound. He designed two models from different metals for a better choice.

Often underestimated - the triangle brings more swing into a session than you think!

Model 1 is made of aluminium. It is especially light but still has a powerful, bright sound which is especially suitable for live music and stage gigs.
Model 2 is made of steel. A rustic, traditional triangle in real Forró style with an authentic iron sound, known from Forró icons like Luiz Gonzaga. Both the material and the shape are based on the model of the triangles played by Luiz Gonzaga.

Artisan work - each triangle handmade

Bernardo Luiz builds each of his triangles individually. He is a Brazilian musician from Recife, the northeast of the country and home to many Brazilian folk music styles. He lives in Paris and plays the guitar, the cavaqinho and the bass as well as the accordion, sanfona and of course the triangle. He is specialised in the north-east Brazilian music - especially in Forró - and has a lot of clips and tutorials documenting his work on his popular Youtube channel.