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I admit, the idea is not entirely new. There was already a caixa shell with look-through effect with the Vazado series. But the Furacaixa fits perfectly inbetween. For many hardcore sambistas, the shell contributes a large part of the sound and therefore is a purchase criteria. There is a reason that the simple sheet steel caixas are still a hit. The Furacaixa brings a bit of everything:

  • Shell sound - yes, but not as little as the caixa vazada, which is very loud and has extremely direct sound.
  • Loud & direct volume - yes, but not as powerful and metal-based as the caixa vazada.
  • Definitely louder than the normal aluminium caixas
  • The looks - no doubt: this one is yet another eye-catcher by Ivsom.

Swiss cheese, fly agaric, punching machine slipped - we've heard it all :) Don't be deceived - perforations in metal shells allow thick-walled construction for massive sound, direct resonance feedback and on top weight savings (Ivsom's chocalho acoustico uses the same concept). If you play in a large Batería and can't hear yourself playing properly, you will definitively enjoy the Furacaixa. In terms of weight it is in a healthy midfield, if you play 'emcima' you'll need good stamina anyways but no more than with other standard models of this brand. After his hybrid instrument, the Repicaixa, the Furacaixa is yet another innovative Samba instrument by Ivsom.

Curious much? Krzysztof Mianowski, percussionist from Berlin, recorded the sound video for us, take a look (sound on!):