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Just a little something, an accessory or even a new instrument - what on earth to give to a Samba drummer?

Short explanation for non-drummers:
We percussionists and sambistas are all percussion maniacs in a way - there's no doubt. This is mainly because nobody drummer on earth only has one drum. We are creepy collectors, we love all the shiny and tinkling drums and rattles, that only make sense if you can pick one from at least five different ones. A 'normal' percussionist will have a nice selection of percussion instruments back home. From tiny effect instruments to full-sized bateria drums you will find anything in 'The Box'. If you are a drummer yourself, you will well know what I am talking about.

A voucher! A voucher!

You are looking for a good gift for a sambista or a percussionist but are totally blank with ideas?
To avoid your well-meant present landing straight in the instrument clutter box, we do not recommend a lucky shot in the dark. But - there actually are gifts which any percussionist will simply love you for! Good, useful and always needed accessories like sticks, mallets, spare heads, a good tuning key or straps are definitively amongst them. But which one to take? And it shall be a surprise. Or better go with an instrument..? Stop thinking and do the only right thing - get a gift voucher! Not romantic enough?  No, because you can add your personal note by being oldschool - pick up a pen and write something nice! Most musicians have a very specific taste when it comes to their musical equipment and of course accessories need to fit, sound great and be useful, pretty and to the drummer's taste. 

Pick own gift - 100% happy

Get a gift voucher in only a few minutes, super easy: pick your voucher and the amount you want to give and choose the musical image you like. If you are in a hurry, pick any payment method except bank transfer. You will receive a pdf for print out immediately after conclusion of the payment and have your gift ready in no time.

You have questions, are unsure about something or need assistance? You can reach us on the phone +49 8572 963571 or per email info@kalango.com and we'll be happy to help!

♥️ Your Kalango Team ♥️

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