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Documentary Crowdfunding! Until 18.12.2018 you can support this unique project which deals with the aspects of Bahian percussion music. The film is almost finished, with your help the producers will be able to add some more content and the final touch!



Are you interested in Brazilian music culture? Or do you even play Brazilian music yourself in a Samba group - in a Samba Reggae Bloco, in a Rio Samba Bateria or in a Choro-, Pagode- or Maracatú band or do you practise Capoeira? This documentary is for all those who have dedicated their hearts to Brazilian percussion, a project that focuses on the important questions that arise when playing music from another culture:

Do we really know why we export this culture?
Do we understand the How & Why of the Afro-Blocos?
Do we respect this culture as much as we respect our own?
How do the Brazilians who are involved in these musical styles see us?

The documentary will answer all these and many more questions.

The Producer
Albert Llobell from the southeast of Spain worked closely with some of the most important personalities of Bahian musical culture when he was in Salvador and later when they visited Spain on several occasions. Albert has also actively participated in the Carnival in Bahía 2018 with the Bloco Tambores do Mundo under the musical direction of Mestres such as Mario Pam or Patinho Correia, interviewed leading figures of the city, musicians, dancers, musical directors, historians, anthropologists and musicologists, and experienced some of the most important artistic events in Salvador de Bahía. These artistic examples define the identity of the people and how intensively the Afro community lives its music, to which it dances, has a close relationship, often religious, and how it communicates with its drums and uses them to perform vital functions for its community, from social to political affairs.