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New Surdo Intermediate Size - IZZO MEDIO 50cm

New Izzo line - 50cm surdo height

Are you also struggling to save every gram when playing surdo and don't want to give up on any sound quality? Do you have back problems or are exhausted after only a 1 hour rehearsal? Playing the triangle is definitively no alternative for you? Here is your solution!

Compact sizes in surdos - what are the benefits, what can it do, what can't it?

This much can be said in advance: the compact medium-high surdo is neither a lightweight wonder nor an innovative new invention. But every little bit counts, right? Every little bit in the sense of a 50cm surdo may only weigh a few bars of chocolate less than the 60cm version. But the resonance body is long enough to provide almost identical and authentic sound quality. Frankly this means: less back pain, same sound result.

Ideal for Samba de Enredo

In Brazil, this trend towards shorter surdos for less weight with virtually identical sound characteristics has become very popular for some years now. If your storage space is tight, you travel to gigs and rehearsals a lot with your car packed with surdos, you may be able to save exactly those extra 10cm that always make loading and storage so terribly bulky. Twitch off just enough to keep a great sound but to feel that the surdo is actually more compact. Ideal for Samba de Enredo Surdo players who want a more compact surdo format and save weight and space. But also for bands who play mixed styles and still want the full bass lines.

Sound solution for mixed-style bands

In Samba Reggae and the Afro-Brazilian beats, today, typically only short 40-45cm surdos are used. The reasons are simple: performances are packed with dance moves and choreographies, people want light-weight instruments, extremely short sustain and a very dry sound. In Samba de Enredo more sustain is the music aims for, therefore the surdo shells are longer. If you and your band are not only fond of a certain style but also like to mix, as is common in many Samba bands in Europe, the 50cm Surdo by Izzo is a solution without compromise. Especially the low bass voices can perform impressively with a 50cm surdo.

Versatile, light, affordable.

No need for compromises! Full sound and an out-of-the-box combination of thick batter head / thin resonance head (P3-P2), which Izzo offers exclusively for Kalango.