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Complete Pandeiro Online Course as Instant Download with Marcos Suzano

Now also available as Instant Download! Pandeiro lessons at home from pandeiro-legend Marcos Suzano:
Exercises with detailed instructions, suitable for all levels: Download the complete course or pick a section you are interested in and download immediately, no waiting times, no delivery delays :)

Perfect for practising at home!

With his work, Marcos has created a worldwide renaissance for pandeiro players. With unbelievable creativity and in his particular way he has brought together traditional and modern playing techniques and created his own, new way of playing. Marcos has thus helped the pandeiro to new popularity and - not only in Brazil - triggered a real pandeiro boom. If you have seen him in one of his concerts or workshops, you may have witnessed how he captivates people with his music. With virtuose technique, high musicality and enormous creativity he casts a spell over his environment.

For the production of this workshop we travelled to Rio to meet the unique musician and pandeirista Marcos Suzano. The many stories that he incorporates into his lessons as well as his humorous way of teaching make this course a timeless and valuable experience for all those who want to learn to play pandeiro, already play or want to learn more about Brazilian rhythms under classical as well as modern aspects.

The course offers you not only the opportunity to get familiar with Marcos Suzano's playing technique, but also to learn a variety of different grooves and patterns. In addition, you will receive countless ideas and suggestions for a creative use of the pandeiro. Stage professionals and those who like to experiment will also get their money's worth - tips on professional miking and the use of effect devices will whet your appetite for more and show the infinite variety of the small frame drum.