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Make-over: Ivsom's Chocalho Acústico has got a few stylish new changes

Ivsoms chocalho acústico has recently received a few updates: new and above all its design is a lot lighter, better handles and of course it kept its original Rio style sound. Authentic carioca instrument for bateria pros!

The chocalho acústico is primarily popular because a) it glitters* and b) it is extremely loud and therefore very suitable for large baterias. The downside with the old model has always been the weight. This version is made of thick-walled aluminium, which is perforated to save weight, and used to be considerably heavier than it is now. Some players accepted this fact and compensated with playing technique and stamina training. But other players naturally got put off by the weight factor and even opted for a different model. We are really happy to announce that Ivsom has made some significant changes in favour of this chocalho which launches it right next to its wood stick competition. The acústico has been given a make-over, that is, a new design that deals precisely with the weight problem and has also successfully solved it whilst the sound quality is basically the same.

The new chocalho acoustico: now only 1.03 kg - less than the wood models Mocidade and Salgueiro (1.09 kg)

The integrated lightweight construction is a first for this chocalho, the metal have have been replaced by handy and comfortable plastic and the design is completely focused on the preservation of the sound but also on less weight. At only 1.03 kg, the acústico is fully competitive and is no longer inferior to the wooden rod versions. Definitely a professional model for advanced players or courageous, fearless beginners.

All advantages of the new model at a glance:

  • light-weight
  • very loud
  • authentic style
  • fat sound
  • glitters*

*special bonus