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Tunebot Gig - tuner for surdos, caixas and Samba drums

Great surdo lines - perfect pitch with the Tunebot tuner! With this special tuning device for percussion instruments, you can pitch your drums quick and easy to the tone or frequency you want. Before a gig or after putting on a new head - the Tunebot will help you hit the right tune!

Recommended especially for surdos!

The tuning device is a fantastic little helper, especially for surdo tuning - you will love the results. But also other percussion instruments like caixas, repiniques or timbals can be easily pitched to a more consistent tone. Your repertory includes whole melodies on surdos or you simply like to coordinate the tuning of your fundos / marcações? With the Tune Bot this is done in just a few minutes. The device has only 2 buttons and is therewith extremely easy to use. You can pitch to tones or frequencies, and once you've found the right tone, the device will always show you the difference to the desired tone. Even if you don't have high-level musical hearing skills, with this little guy you can bring your percussion band in shape in no time! The device has a clip on its rear side and comes with 2 AAA batteries.

Good to know:
 a well pitched and tuned head does not only sound a lot better, but also will have a longer life, as the tension is spread more equally.